PUSSYLIQUOR are one of the hottest new bands around, self- described as ‘unapologetic punk female power,’ the four piece from Brighton are taking no shit when it comes to making their way in the world. In the first in her monthly msuic column for Polyester, Georgia Evans caught up with lead singer Ari to talk about music with a message, supporting your fellow woman, and rebuffing the industry’s gender roles.

On first glance, it’s easy for the band to be labelled as a riot grrrl group, but when delving deeper into it all, it becomes obvious that PUSSYLIQUOR are about so much more than just female rage. With cheeky yet thought-provoking lyrics, the bands message is political but still fun. The bands latest EP, the aptly-titled 7-inch Wonder, is an exploration into everyday feminist and political issues with a sense of humour.  

As Ari reflects, “We’re getting more and more political. We wanna branch out and cover every single topic we possibly can.” There’s good reason for this, we live in uncertain times with Trump in control of America, the recent #MeToo revelations, it seems like women need strong figures to relate to.

“On our current set there is definitely one song that’s political. It’s called Apathy, and it’s just about people being apathetic, to put it gently, when it comes to world issues. They still feel insignificant like they can’t do anything but it’s that attitude that is the thing that’s stopping them.”  

With a spectrum of influences spanning from Dixie Chicks, to My Chemical Romance, to Sex Pistols, the music is a real blend of styles. Ari says, “We take a lot of influence from everything in the world really, a lot of our songwriting comes from real life events and experiences. Whether it be our own or something we’ve seen on the television or read in an article.”

Their track, ’Get Out’ seems like an all-too familiar memory of kicking a guy out after they’ve overstayed after a night out, “We had an experience this morning where we used that song, well we considered it.”

She adds, “At the moment song writing has been about our experiences, just because it’s really powerful being able to write from a place that you know. Especially with all the feminism in our music.”

Another one that stands out is ‘Kitty Kitty’, Ari’s favourite song to perform because she gets to meow at her audience, while also singing about the annoyance of being cat called. She uses it to get the crowd riled up at the start of their gigs, with crowd surfing pretty much guaranteed.

The band seem like a really tight knit group of friends, after meeting at college in Brighton, they bonded over a love of hardcore and feminist issues. Their experiences with music all vary but compliment each other, Vicky who plays drums has years of training and experience, while Hannah started learning guitar aged 14 but stopped for a while after being told it was a ‘male instrument.’

When Ari is asked if the band had experienced any more setbacks because they were women she responds, “Yeah, but it’s been counteracted by things like Loud Women and Femme Rock. They all started out at a perfect time for us. They’re all quite new collectives and I think without them we would’ve been really struggling still.

She adds, “The experience we’ve had out of these collectives have just been a bit shit, and we’re not taken very seriously. Apart from in Brighton it’s a lot different, but you still get the odd arsehole.”

Her advice for girls wanting to start out in the business, “Use the resources around you and just take no bullshit because you’re gonna get a lot of it. Your resources are the people around you,  everyone is so eager to help but come to us, we’ll help you. Musicians only get so far by not helping each other, it really is a welcoming community.”

With a string of gigs lined-up including an appearance at The Great Escape Festival, Hell Hath No Fury Festival in Bristol and a show in London’s renowned Brixton venue, The Windmill, PUSSYLIQUOR are working hard to make their way in the industry. They also have new music on the way, so expect another 7-inch Wonder very soon.

Words: Georgia Evans