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Listen to the first episode of our podcast!

We’re taking our first steps into the world of audio communication with our very own podcast series – hear the first offering right here.

Bridging the gap between our online platform and the biannual print zine, we’re super excited to be exploring the world of podcasts with an eight part series getting under the skin of our favourite creatives and exploring the ins-and-outs of the queer feminist community.

Released every other Monday, in each episode we’ll be speaking to an artist about something they are completely obsessed with that has nothing to do with how they make money.

Bored of features with the people we care about that focus solely on how they built their career, and an over-reliance on our careers being the only important thing about us; we’ve decided to use the podcast to discover the little things you may not know about the artists you follow. Throughout the series will be talking to Polly Nor about her Matchbox collection, Travis Alabanza about their love of lists, Rachel Hodgson about her penchant for crying alone in public, and much, much more.

Each podcast will also be an opportunity to consult the experts on the matters we really care about — from all the patriarchal myths surrounding contraception, to dating advice for fat people, and the link between skincare and stress.

We’ll also be previewing exclusive content from our upcoming nineth issue, pulling in our favourite Polyester contributors for roundtables, and providing an insight to behind the scenes of the zine.

In addition to their interview, each artist involved will create a brand new piece of work to accompany their episode. Peek the amazing Rene Matic’s above, who speaks about her obsession with skinhead culture and subculture in general on our first episode.

Hosted by Polyester’s founding editor in chief Ione Gamble, co-hosted / produced by Dream Wife’s Alice Go, and supported by Melissa Shoes; our first episode also features Pxssy Palace co-founder Nadine Artois talking us through how to throw London’s best, most inclusive club night.

To listen – hit the player above, or search ‘The Polyester Podcast’ on Spotify. The series will be available on iTunes and all other streaming platforms soon!

We’d love to hear your feedback! Like, subscribe, and get in touch at podcast@polyesterzine.com – can’t wait for you all to listen.