Listen to Our Live Podcast Episode on How to be a Positive Force For Creative Change

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It’s our live episode! For this instalment of the podcast, we’re transmitting live from the Ace Hotel in London. In a special extended ask an expert section, Polyester editor in chief Ione Gamble will be picking the brains of three young femme creatives on how to be a positive force for creative change.


Featuring creative and model Sophia Tassew, photographer / Depop seller and general superstar Jender Anomie, and photographer / art director Alia Romagnoli. The trio tell our host about facing adversity in the creative industries, how they began in their careers, how to create meaningful work, and much more.

sophia tassew polyester zine liv thurley

We’ll also be discussing if the fashion industry is beyond repair, why there is no time limit on your creativity, ambition, or worth, and how to stay motivated when pursuing your dream gets too much. 

alia romagnoli polyester zine liv thurley

The Polyester Podcast is brought to you by Polyester’s founding editor in chief Ione Gamble (@ionegamble), and co-hosted and produced by Olivia Graham. Thank you to our assistant Jemima Skala. This weeks artwork has been created by episode guest Liv Thurley.

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