In Podcast Episode Four we Deep Dive on Queerness, The Golden Era of Hollywood Actresses, Quarter Life Crisis’ and Abusive Relationships

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We’re back to our normal format, and this episode sees multi-medium artist Misha MN (@mx_misha) talk us through the intrinsic link between queer culture, the Golden Era of Hollywood, and what it’s most iconic stars can teach us today as part of our obsessions series. 

Expect to learn about how Hollywood censorship laws interrupted progressive cinema in the 30s, why queer people became so fascinated with Hollywood Golden Era actresses, and how these women subverted societal expectations to become legends in their own right. 


We also talk to Sirin Kale (@thedalstonyears), journalist and Associate editor of Vice’s Broadly about how to mobilise your quarter life crisis into a successful career change. As this episodes ask an expert, Sirin also tells us all about Broadly’s ‘Unfollow Me’ campaign, which stands up for victims of domestic violence and stalking. 

As part of this campaign, Sirin is campaigning for the creation of the stalkers register. You can sign the petition, and check out more of unfollow me, here:

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