Heather Glazzard Is Reclaiming Exposed Female Bodies

My work has always massively focused on pulling a vulnerable side out of queer women weather it’s through a fashion shoot or a documentary portrait sitting or a bit of both. there’s this idea that by being exposed it allows you to become very vulnerable. Exposure can be done through many ways, in this one I chose a something that was revealing in the bodily sense, because it is seen as a vulnerable thing to do. It takes courage to show up and let this side to you be on show. However by showing that it isn’t can be empowering, giving us chance to lose our ego, allowing ourselves to let go and embrace our vulnerabilities can lead to empowerment if it’s shown in the right way.

It’s important that women showing more skin can be dissociated with the typical idea of the male gaze and reclaim their own idea of sexy and it be a less vulnerable thing.

Megija is a fellow artist friend I’ve been chatting to about working with for sometime but never got round to it. She wanted to step out of her comfort zone and do something she’d never normally do and completely strip back from her make up and her stylish fashion sense. The process for her was sort for hard at first as it was the first time she’d really stripped back in front of the camera and not been forced to pose in positions that most of the time don’t even look that nice. lol. So we just ran around an old victorian house taking pictures.

Photography: Heather Glazzard