“Everyone Likes Pizza!”- Polyester Interviews Maria Pizzeria


Being able to multi-task is a job we all have a hard time doing, but one girl who proves it is possible to do it all and still look cute is Maria Pizzeria. The 22-year-old London based creative is a stylist, blogger, and PR consultant. She’s the type of girl who brings office work home but unlike most people we don’t see that as a bad habit. Maria is dedicated to what she does for a living and because of that there is a space online that will continue to grow for girls just like her.

Maria didn’t always have the bright colored candy hair that she is recognized for today. She knew there was something else about her that she had to change besides her hairstyle to make it in the business. She needed to focus on how to make room for self-improvement, internally. Being shy was one of Maria’s weakness growing up but she soon put that disguise away once she attended university and experienced situations that made her realise you really can live your life the way you want to!

“I wasn’t really into the stuff I was studying but I made it to my own thing. The school Hyper Island is so great because they put so much work into everything. I learned how to deal with people on a social and professional level. That is way more important than to know how to use Photoshop like a pro“


Rachel Hodgson

Another important  aspect of Maria’s career journey is her friendship with Arvida Byström, confessing that she didn’t have that type of friendship when she was younger in her hometown. Finding another freelancer who had the same ideals in life and respect for certain topics boosted her drive to work even harder. Networking is key, and to be able to turn a networking partner into a friendship has made Maria’s job even more enjoyable.

Turning work into fun and finding inspiration online and offline, Maria also has a special place of her own to relax and wind down. We all have our personal ‘gal’ space and although it isn’t decorated like Mia Thermopolis’s room from Princess Diaries before she discovered she was a princess- there is no doubt we try hard to achieve that atmosphere, because we need a place that is half fantasy land and half reality… When Maria was younger she wanted her bedroom to “be a mix of a library and a vintage shop .I wanted it to be perfect because that was the place I spent loads of time in. But today my perfect girl room is in my head and online and in my work (maybe my desk).”


Words by Afi Baaqi

Photography by Rachel Hodgson