Dear Self

A note from the photographer, Melanie Lehmann:

“Elijah and I wanted to work together for a while now and I wanted to produce a shoot that is super wholesome, so I thought of the concept of writing a letter to one self, like a self care love letter. So with that concept I developed the idea into something more literary, using imageries of postage.”

Pink cape: Princess of Chinatown
Ivory silk shirt: Designed by Josh
Crystal necklace: BOGDAN DARIA
Pink check pattern jacket: Naya Rea
Pink ruffled sheer top: Cygan
Ivory trouser: Tanja Novak
Gloves: T label
Ring and earring: Ayse Daga
Shoes: Francesca.R.Palumbo
Earring: Ayse Daga
White frill bodysuit: Subin Hahn
Gloves: T label
Shoes: Ganor Dominic
Head scarf: Puyu Liang
White lace shirt: Alice Oliver
Lavender top and trouser: Livia Tang
Shoes: Ganor Dominic

Photographer & Creative : @melony.lemon
Styling: @inneswoo
MUA: @imagebyella
Hair: @am_stagrams
Model: @elijahche