Computer Magic, Ordinary Life Video Premiere

Polyester are proud to host the British premiere the video for Computer Magic’s newest video, Ordinary Life (Message From an A.I. Girlfriend.) Ordinary Life is a synthesis between a neon gilded sci-fi universe and a raw feminist display of confidence and sexuality. Delving into the inevitable development of Artificial Intelligence and their sentience – Computer Magic is presented as an AI girlfriend and maid who realizes her own limitations and consequently, her desire to live.


We dedicated this video to Jackyara Tatis. In the early stages of this video, there were to be multiple
girls as “AI Maids”- Jackyara was a friend of CreepyYeha (Leather Lingerie)- And was referred to me for
this video. She was very kind, but passed away very suddenly. We wish we could have worked with her.
Computer Magic: Danielle ‘Danz’ Johnson, Director: Anise Mariko, Producer: Ivan Wong