Chosen Family

This photo story is based off of the idea of “chosen family” and unity, or acceptance within a group. Through these images, I wanted to convey the value of spreading love and acceptance during this period of hatred and non-inclusivity that the US has been facing in its current state. Within my concept, I wanted to take what could have once been a very “Americana” styled advertisement or fashion editorial – think apple pie, traditional housewife – which at one time only heightened segregation and exclusivity for POC and the LGBTQ+ community and put a modern yet progressive twist on it in an attempt to fight against the patriarchal social norms that have been forced upon us and that will continue to be forced upon us in 2017.

Photographer: Annika White

Assistant: Carl Knight

Stylist: Cassadee Chase

MUA: Miwa Sakulrat 

Models: Gabrielle Richardson, Tierra Ouellette, Dylan Wardwell