The A-Z of Trash Fashion: A is for the Ashleys

“Ashley, a name that stands for beauty and specialness” – Ashley A The Ashleys were the original mean girls. Before pink Wednesdays there was purple day, where the same rule applied for the pre-pubescent girl gang as it did for the Plastics – break the rules and you can’t sit with us! In Clueless-esque outfits:...

‘Whaaaat’s a cammmmerraaaa?!’ – A Look at Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch’s crazy show Priority Innfield.

Priority Innfield sees the old chapel at Chalk Farm over-run by constructed sets, housing the creative duo Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch’s latest video works. Viewed in what seems to be a series of dark american patio areas, the whole place feels perfect for any high school party, a gentle introduction when compared with the...

The Cultural Black Hole of High Fashion

Charles Caleb Colton is responsible for the overused phrase: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Gee, thanks, Colton. That may be the case. But sometimes it’s just blatantly copying. Fashion. Week. Twice a year the microcosm of the fashion world is in a frenzy. Designers trying to impress insiders, fans and the general public...

Selfies: Strike a Pose and Ditch the Patriarchy

Everybody nowadays seems to have their own opinion regarding selfies; from being a narcissistic damaging action to women’s empowerment, to a harmless trend and part of the cyber antics that have come to represent our generation in popular culture.

So Bad its Good- A Reel Good Film Club Discussion

As three cinema-obsessed girls we decided to create Reel Good Film Club, a film club that seeks to screen films that celebrate racial and cultural diversity whether they are hidden B-movies or Hollywood blockbusters.

Polyester ❤’s James Cabaniuk

  Painting is definitely dirty work for James Cabaniuk, whose studio really is known to resemble a glittering lagoon, or maybe a cocktail… lipgloss and turpentine anyone?

Marge Simpsons Top Five Fashion Moments.