Lil’ Alien – Ida Ekblad’s show at Herald Street’s Soho space.

An out of space body beams down to meet us! This character jumps out of Ida Ekblad’s show, ‘A gentle looking little alien of sorts’, which is one half of two shows she has at the Herald St gallery in London, (the other more abstract series is on display in Bethnal Green, both open until...

The A-Z of Trash Fashion: A is for the Ashleys

“Ashley, a name that stands for beauty and specialness” – Ashley A The Ashleys were the original mean girls. Before pink Wednesdays there was purple day, where the same rule applied for the pre-pubescent girl gang as it did for the Plastics – break the rules and you can’t sit with us! In Clueless-esque outfits:...

‘Whaaaat’s a cammmmerraaaa?!’ – A Look at Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch’s crazy show Priority Innfield.

Priority Innfield sees the old chapel at Chalk Farm over-run by constructed sets, housing the creative duo Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch’s latest video works. Viewed in what seems to be a series of dark american patio areas, the whole place feels perfect for any high school party, a gentle introduction when compared with the...

The Cultural Black Hole of High Fashion

Charles Caleb Colton is responsible for the overused phrase: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Gee, thanks, Colton. That may be the case. But sometimes it’s just blatantly copying. Fashion. Week. Twice a year the microcosm of the fashion world is in a frenzy. Designers trying to impress insiders, fans and the general public...

Selfies: Strike a Pose and Ditch the Patriarchy

Everybody nowadays seems to have their own opinion regarding selfies; from being a narcissistic damaging action to women’s empowerment, to a harmless trend and part of the cyber antics that have come to represent our generation in popular culture.

So Bad its Good- A Reel Good Film Club Discussion

As three cinema-obsessed girls we decided to create Reel Good Film Club, a film club that seeks to screen films that celebrate racial and cultural diversity whether they are hidden B-movies or Hollywood blockbusters.

Polyester ❤’s James Cabaniuk

  Painting is definitely dirty work for James Cabaniuk, whose studio really is known to resemble a glittering lagoon, or maybe a cocktail… lipgloss and turpentine anyone?

Marge Simpsons Top Five Fashion Moments.