Blue Valley

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Blue Valley ~ a collaborative shoot between Ayesha Tan Jones & Cosima Sch AKA Business or Pleasure (BOP)

Cosima is my transatlantic sistren. born and raised in Mexico, we met at Central Saint Martins in London.

As soon as we met our souls collided and we instantly started creating together. We would go on micro adventures around the grimy streets of London, swimming through the cosmic sludge, surfing the asphalt bitumen roads, finding beauty and weirdness in every moment. This hedonistic lust for spiritual freedom, we called questing. Every day was a new quest, and we never knew where the day or night would take us. There was a group of us questers , including LionSlushy, and Frenchie baby. We filmed and photographed pretty much everything, from the moments of pure ecstasy and bliss, to the down and out street gutter blood sweat and tears. Some of these pixilated memories have been weaved into my latest film project, Pareidolia, an ongoing film series creating a narrative between random footage of my life.

Eventually the atlantic tore us apart again, Cosima went on to study Fine art at CalArts in LA. In 2013 I went to Mexico for a month to visit Cosi, and Frenchie followed later that month. We treated our time together sacred, knowing how fleeting a month can be. In that period we began a new project, evolving from the naive quests in London.

7~ blue valley

Business or Pleasure [BOP]. BOP is a constantly infatuating state of flux, rousing mutual adoring of skin. Togetherness, constructing lucid fascinations. A transatlantic love affair. My own interpretation of the BOP footage is still in the making, but you can see some of Cosima’s BOP films here. In January this year, I quested to Los Angeles to see my paper baby girl again. Cosima lives in a house to herself, deep in the desert hills an hour north of LA. A powerful area of land of called Val Verde, the valley of the green.

Cosima is a an old soul, with creativity and universal wisdom constantly pouring from her. Her abode is nothing less than magical. A blue dream. Her life is actually a film and she lives in the set everyday, channeling various characters and spirits for her work. She creates or collects all costumes and props her self, which are actually just her own everyday clothes and trinkets.  I felt I needed to document her in this stage of her quest in this photoshoot, Blue Valley.

Photography by Ayesha Tan-Jones, styling and featuring Cosima Sch, set at Cosima’s dream house.

With thanks to The Goddess Venus