BLEACH exploring distance and being hidden

‘BLEACH’ aims to convey the thoughts and feelings that racial minorities may feel through isolating themselves from their culture due to the whitewashing of media outlets.




“I have gone through this myself and would love to share my story in such a diverse feminist magazine as yours to help other poc that may be doubting their beauty and worth due to their race. As well as bringing attention to the problem of the media not fully represented the multicultural and racial world we truly live in.”







“Growing up in a majority White Country (where 87.2% of the UK is White British), surrounded by media which constantly showed Caucasian people as the highest value of beauty I started to question my own value. With my dark complexion and afro hair would I be considered pretty? At the age of thirteen I began to look into the mirror with the aim of scrutinizing the colour of my skin, the texture of my hair.”







“So I chose to straighten my hair, then relaxed it. Over time my hair got damaged but I continued by trying to lighten my skin using lemons, I even considered using whitening cream. I tried not to use slang and dressed in styles more associated with white culture, such as my Emo phase and I refused to listen to hip hop music calling it ‘trash’ wanting to appear whiter and less what is considered stereotypically ‘Black’. From the age of thirteen to sixteen I emotionally and physically detached myself from my African Heritage and Black Culture”

“With ‘Bleach’ I explored the theme of distance and being hidden.”


Huguette Tchiapi

Model Credit : Linda Zhang, Chris Tchiapi, Junior Tchiapi, Jade Kirdy, Jana Spence, Florentyne Katakwe, Amanda Darcy, Chiara Matrone and Morgan Scott-simms.