Experience the flowery universe of BABA DRAGA


“Flowers represent the femininity, the happiness, the sun. They’re my way to travel, to see the world. When people comes to my place, nobody talks about the furniture but the flowers all the time.” – Draga



Baba Draga is inspired in a grandma who lives isolated in her own “cage”, denying the french daily routine, remaining her serbian origins by the flowery universe she has created inside her apartment. The resulting images are a collaborative process between us and her own objects – in order to expose her dreams and surroundings fantasies poetically by taking her house as a form of an invitation to travel. A dreamlike inspiration which shows an apartment as a threshold of discovery and make us question what really matters.

This series resulted in the first zine of our collective Twosome, a co-work studio/creative agency that focuses it’s field of expertise on artistic direction, visual identity, photography, set design, as well as installation.

Special thanks to Baba Draga, for opening the door of her beautiful universe and making us believe that everything is possible; and to our “surprise” model Aminata Dibassy, who gave life to this grandma and to help us carry out this project.

All content copyright the collective Twosome (@_twosomestudio) – co-founded by Kevin Vasic (@_kevinvasic) and  Luís Mesquita (@_luismesquita)