Celia Edell

Polyester’s agony aunt is a strong-minded feminist cat-lady with a BA (Hons) in philosophy and ethics. She’s the modern day version of Antigone. Discussing topics such as sexism, anxiety, and feminist theories with her followers is one reason why she is so well known. She prefers to be articulate when it comes to writing but…

Rachel Hodgson

Rachel Hodgson is a BA fashion photography student at the London College of Fashion. Experimenting with the art form of collage and loose pencil lines, Rachel’s work has a youthful vintage appeal. She also has created her own website to sell her original drawings of characters who have cheeky facial expressions humans only wish they could pull in…

Arvida Bystrom

The 22-year old photographer questions and pushes boundaries within her work. Gender stereotypes and the female anatomy are common themes that can be seen in her portraits. She rejects the idea of censorship and uses vibrant pastels colours that embody bold images of pubic hair, period blood, and nudity. Work featured on Polyester : My Girl…

“Everyone Likes Pizza!”- Polyester Interviews Maria Pizzeria

  Being able to multi-task is a job we all have a hard time doing, but one girl who proves it is possible to do it all and still look cute is Maria Pizzeria. The 22-year-old London based creative is a stylist, blogger, and PR consultant.

Our Girl Lollipop- Arvida Bystrom

We all know why Arvida Byström is important. Her pastel perfect photography deconstructing the feminine gender code made us all question why we were so freaked out about growing armpit hair, getting our period, or secretly wanting to keep our My Little Ponies.