Dicktionary: Scovenge

Words we wish were in the Oxford English Dictionary, but for now the Polyester Dicktionary will have to do. scovenge\ [scho-venge] \ verb scoveng∙ing: scoveng∙ed scovenge is a confident walk some does when they’re feeling sassy that day. Did you see Chloe scovenging today? Look at him scovenge down the street.   Illustrations by Emma Farrant

Selfies: Strike a Pose and Ditch the Patriarchy

Everybody nowadays seems to have their own opinion regarding selfies; from being a narcissistic damaging action to women’s empowerment, to a harmless trend and part of the cyber antics that have come to represent our generation in popular culture.

The Cat That Got The Cream – Polyester Loves Clio Peppiatt

Since her graduate collection in 2013, Clio Peppiatt has been the new designer to watch.

So Bad its Good- A Reel Good Film Club Discussion

As three cinema-obsessed girls we decided to create Reel Good Film Club, a film club that seeks to screen films that celebrate racial and cultural diversity whether they are hidden B-movies or Hollywood blockbusters.

Dicktionary: Frute

Words we wish were in the Oxford English Dictionary, but for now the Polyester Dicktionary will have to do. frute\ [froot] \ adj frut∙er: frut∙est A frute is someone who dresses or displays behaviours that are a combination of funky and cute. 1: CUTE, FUNKY, PRETTY, ATTRACTIVE,FUN, AMAZING, ADORABLE, SWEET, COOL. That coat looks so…

Hannah Le Feuvre

As well as writing for Polyester Hannah is a contributor to The Coven and Bunny Collectives online. When she isn’t on the web she likes riding her (pink) bike and eating burgers, currently trying to survive her last year of Fine Art at Chelsea College of art and design, she needs all the burgers she…

Polyester ❤’s James Cabaniuk

  Painting is definitely dirty work for James Cabaniuk, whose studio really is known to resemble a glittering lagoon, or maybe a cocktail… lipgloss and turpentine anyone?

How to Handle Twitter Beef
Although Twitter was created in order for people to keep up with trending conversations and the latest news quickly, like all social media platforms it has been misused by the users. Now twitter is really just used for ranting, complaining, and hating. All of those things aren’t bad things to do on twitter, and it’s...
Louisa Rogers

  Louisa Rogers is just another crazy cat lady obsessed with vintage Kenzo. Her photography is an amalgamation of dingy snapshots of London life, colourful editing and her all consuming obsession with MySpace glitter graphics. Links: www.louisarogers.tumblr.com Twitter @lgrphotography   WORK FOR POLYESTER: LITTLE MONSTERS

Dicktionary: NFI

Words we wish were in the Oxford English Dictionary, but for now the Polyester Dicktionary will have to do.

Marge Simpsons Top Five Fashion Moments.
Marge Simpson's had her fair share of high fashion coverage. Makeovers from Karl Lagerfeld, her own Project Runway episode and lets not forget that Playboy cover, its fair to say that Mrs. Simpson has earnt her icon status. To celebrate the release of her MAC collection, which lands online today, we take a look back at...
Stephanie Segarra

  Stephanie Segarra is a photographer from the island of Puerto Rico, currently living in Santurce. Interested in telling stories about people and places through her images, Stephanie’s inspiration comes from both the common and not so common. Website: http://www.stephsegarra.com/ Tumblr: http://stephsegarra.tumblr.com/