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What a Sugar Addiction Taught Cosmic Strip About Creative Drive

In this personal essay, Cosmic Strip frontwoman Camella Agabalyan talks us through the process of putting together an unreleased music video, and what the experience of creating the band’s song Sugar Rush taught her about addiction, mental health, and creativity. I originally wrote Sugar Rush when I was ill and had to cut out sugar from my…

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In Podcast Episode Four we Deep Dive on Queerness, The Golden Era of Hollywood Actresses, Quarter Life Crisis’ and Abusive Relationships

Listen here! We’re back to our normal format, and this episode sees multi-medium artist Misha MN (@mx_misha) talk us through the intrinsic link between queer culture, the Golden Era of Hollywood, and what it’s most iconic stars can teach us today as part of our obsessions series.  Expect to learn about how Hollywood censorship laws…

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The Polyester Podcast Transcripts Are Here!

Read all our podcast episodes in full, right here. As you’ve hopefully heard by now, we’ve started a podcast. With new episodes dropping every two weeks, we’re half way through the first season and have covered everything from contraception to skincare and featured some of our favourite artists such as Polly Nor and Rene Matic….



These Photos Make Your Favourite Simpsons Food Moments a Reality

Things that make you go Mmmm… ‘Mmmmm…’ Concept collaboration by a brother and sister duo: Lucy Cooper, Production Designer http://lucy-cooper.com/ Will Cooper, Photographer https://www.willcooperphotography.com/

Heaven Help Me I Didn’t See The Devil In Your Eyes

Happy Spring Equinox! Heaven Help Me I Didn’t See The Devil In Your Eyes is the beauty editorial we need to Spring forth … Shot by Michele Cote Styling by Natalie roar Makeup by Grace Ellington Featuring Items From: For Good Luck, Playclothes, Jiwinaia, Monki, Beyond Retro, Som Kerdisiri & Reign Vintage

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Listen to our Special Podcast Episode with Rose McGowan

We’re back, and chatting to activist, artist and actress Rose McGowan for this instalment of The Polyester Podcast. This week we’ll be interrupting our normal scheduling to bring you a one-parter with activist, actress, and artist Rose McGowan. Whether you know her from Charmed, her work across the teen genre in the ’90s, or her…

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Our Third Podcast Episode Explores Skincare, Stress, and Fan Girl Culture

Episode three is here! In this instalment of The Polyester Podcast, visual artist Chloe Sheppard jumps in as guest host to talk us through everything she loves about fandom and fangirls for our ‘obsessions’ series. From following around musicians on tour to becoming a touring photographer herself, we learn how being a fan has informed…

Why has a company in Japan released a ranking of “University students with easy-access girls”?

Celebrating the centenary of when women won the right to vote, 2018 proved to be positive in many ways regarding the status of women and equal rights.  However, as you might expect, it also revealed the need to continue the campaign as well.  There is a global element to feminism today, which couldn’t have been…

Erratic and Enigmatic

Never before released official biography and intimate drawings depicting sneak peek into the life of Glasgow’s most fabulous performer  Liv Fontaine hatched from a large and ornate Faberge egg somewhere int he later part of the 21st Century. The mysterious artist (who some call an enigma) describes her unusual birth as her first memory and…


Happy Monday ! Colleen Anderhub‘s illustrates a depiction our forever Monday Mood .

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The Second Podcast Episode is Here: Featuring Polly Nor and sex expert Ruby Rare

The illustrator and issue eight cover girl talks us through her vintage matchbox collection, while Ruby dispels all the myths surrounding our contraceptive choices If you somehow missed our first episode (catch up here if so); we’ve started a podcast series! Released every two weeks on a Monday, we’ll be exploring what makes our favourite…