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Spike Fuck on the Absurdness of Self Obsession and the Importance of Radical Empathy

Premiering her new video for ‘Junkie Logic’, Melbourne based musician Spike Fuck talks us through the story behind the track; from heroin addiction, to calling us all out on our own self obsession, and transforming her bleak surroundings into a naively romanticised dramatisation of her own life. Read the personal essay and check out the…

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Our Podcast Season Finale Will Teach You How to Start a Fashion Brand & Illustrator Joey Yu Confesses Her Love of Love

For the season one finale, we’re thrilled to be joined by guest host Jender Anomie to see out our final episode. In this instalment, we’ll be chatting to illustrative artist Joey Yu about her obsession with love and other peoples relationships. For our ask an expert section, journalist Charlotte Gush chats to HANGER founder Claire…

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We Learn How to Write a Book and Chat to Parker Day For The New Podcast Episode

It’s the penultimate episode of the season! for our seventh instalment we’re thrilled to be joined by writers Hannah Ewens and Zing Tsjeng to unpick the world of publishing and tell us how to write your first book. Both having recently published their first books; Hannah and Zing cover how to get a literary agent,…

The Queen Herself

Hungarian photographer Hanna Rédling enters the world of an unknown queen of kitsch… I’ve been saving hotels from the internet for years now, this is how I discovered ‘Koningin van Pieterburen’, during the time I was living in Amsterdam. Pieterburen is a tiny village with around 400 inhabitants, located up towards the North of the…

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We Dish Out Dating Advice for Fat People and Chat to Travis Alabanza in Podcast Episode Six

For episode six of The Polyester Podcast, we welcome back photographer Chloe Sheppard to guest host with Polyester editor in chief Ione Gamble.   We’re also joined by Honey Ross and Talia Darling, who will discussing with us the unique challenges of dating as a fat person. Honey and Talia will be answering your questions on dating as a fat femme, asked by…

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We Celebrate Sad Girls on Episode Five of the Podcast

It’s the sad girl episode! Guest hosted by beloved Polyester contributor and writer Lauren O’Neill. We’re super excited to be talking to Melissa Broder, the writer behind Twitter account So Sad Today, about her novel The Pisces.  Melissa and Lauren discuss how to navigate the void of our existence, the enmeshing of intimate relationships with…

Images That Urge You to Embrace Your Inner Child

Celebrating the joy of creating without purpose. “I guess the point of the garments was collaboration for collaborations sake, and pulling worlds together from long distances, and about plunging into action and not being fussed about ‘where are you going?’.” — Jender Anomie Rachel Hodgson, who created these images, is also on episode five of…

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What a Sugar Addiction Taught Cosmic Strip About Creative Drive

In this personal essay, Cosmic Strip frontwoman Camella Agabalyan talks us through the process of putting together an unreleased music video, and what the experience of creating the band’s song Sugar Rush taught her about addiction, mental health, and creativity. I originally wrote Sugar Rush when I was ill and had to cut out sugar from my…

Misha MN The Polyester Podcast Polyester zine polyester magazine episode 4 four
In Podcast Episode Four we Deep Dive on Queerness, The Golden Era of Hollywood Actresses, Quarter Life Crisis’ and Abusive Relationships

Listen here! We’re back to our normal format, and this episode sees multi-medium artist Misha MN (@mx_misha) talk us through the intrinsic link between queer culture, the Golden Era of Hollywood, and what it’s most iconic stars can teach us today as part of our obsessions series.  Expect to learn about how Hollywood censorship laws…

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The Polyester Podcast Transcripts Are Here!

Read all our podcast episodes in full, right here. As you’ve hopefully heard by now, we’ve started a podcast. With new episodes dropping every two weeks, we’re half way through the first season and have covered everything from contraception to skincare and featured some of our favourite artists such as Polly Nor and Rene Matic….



These Photos Make Your Favourite Simpsons Food Moments a Reality

Things that make you go Mmmm… ‘Mmmmm…’ Concept collaboration by a brother and sister duo: Lucy Cooper, Production Designer http://lucy-cooper.com/ Will Cooper, Photographer https://www.willcooperphotography.com/