Alex Margo is an old-school Hollywood bombshell for the digital age

Charlie Craggs selects three Trans sisters to talk to whilst decorating their nails for #Nailit #NailsTransphobia campaign. Meet Alex Margo a.k.a OLD DRAG who is always impeccably dressed from of their archive in vintage pieces and signature dots makeup.

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 ALEX a.k.a. OLD DRAG I’m an artist based in London. In my work, I consider questionable authority through creating multi-layered performances, installations, and smells. Since finishing studying at Goldsmiths, I have been training as an Escapologist and Sword Swallower. I identify as trans and non-binary, and use she/her pronouns. As a visibly trans person, I often am jarring with situations and spaces I have to inhabit / just by existing in the world / by leaving my house. My vibe is very like I’ve walked off a stage (or onto a stage) and I’m really into theatrical aesthetics. I am a mix of a Hollywood golden-era movie star and a scowling patch-faced harlequin. I am a conspiracy theorist, a retired child actor, and a Blue Peter competition winner.

Photography by Scarlett Shaney