Use This Spell to Hex TERFs

This summer, we have a rare opportunity to improve trans rights. Come Out For Trans Equality and have your say on reforming the Gender Recognition Act.
We turned to YaYa Bones, the non binary witch and musician  (musical moniker of multi-disciplinary artist Ayesha Tan-Jones) to bring us tools, a spell and a video, for erradicating TERFS. Follow the spell to Hex TERFs and view the debut music video Grandchild below. 

A spell to Hex TERFs

by YaYa Bones

To Hex someone means to cast a spell of bad luck or curse upon someone who has caused harm on other beings. TERFs (Trans exclusionary Radical Feminists) are not feminists.

They are people who don’t fight for the rights of all women, disregarding the fight for trans equality, only caring for women they deem to fit with their narrow minded views of the gender binary.

They are actively spewing hateful propaganda about trans people.

Their words are dangerous because they fashion them in a way which victimises cis-women in the fight for gender recognition.

As a witch, I do not believe in casting dark magic upon anybody.

The witches law “if it harm none, do what thou will.”

Our words are very powerful. What we give out, we receive threefold back.

TERFs are already using their hateful words against the trans and gender non conforming community, so the following hex is not a hex, rather, a spell that insights people to take action, to see change, learning, understanding, and progress. What we give out, we receive tenfold back.



Step 1: Set up the space

Sit on the floor or your bedroom, or a space that you feel connected and safe.

If you have an altar, or a desk, use this space to work this magic.

Light the three candles

You may add imagery of strong feminist idols or gender-queer / queer icons to your altar to invoke their energy and protection during this ritual.

Music suggestion while commencing on this ritual (link to music video 😉 ??)

Step 2: Cleanse the space

If you have dried rosemary (ideally foraged yourself; it grows abundantly in people’s front gardens so keep a look out!) burn this to cleanse the space and clear any stagnant energy before beginning.

Alternatively, you can use white sage or Palo Santo to cleanse, however, be aware that these plants aren’t native to the UK, therefore the air-miles and pollution created to bring this over to us does more harm to the planet than our local cleansing herbs.

Rosemary is also very protective.

Step 3: Write your spell

Take deep inhalations, calming your mind and try to focus on your intentions for this ritual.

A mind is a powerful tool, so visualise an existence where our trans siblings and the gender queer community are able to live their truth, protected and free.

In your own words, use the pen and paper to write a simple (optional rhyming) chant, stating your intentions, for the protection of the trans community and the fall of the TERFs.

If you know the names of any TERFs and you want to state them now, to bind them, but make sure you are spiritually ready for the consequences of the energy exchange of casting a spell upon an individual.

Make sure your spell is clear in its intent, the universe often takes things quite literally.

With a clear and focused mind, repeat out loud your spell three times, ending with “1 2 3 So mote it be!” or another affirming phrase that speaks to you.

Then carefully burn the paper with the candle flames.

Collect all the ash from the paper into your bowl.

Step 4: Blend the herbs

Add a pinch of each of the herbs to the bowl of ash, if you aren’t able to access all of the herbs thats okay, however 7 is a powerful number in magik!

With each sprinkle of herbs into the bowl, remember to focus on your intentions.

Mix/Crush all the herbs and ash together.

Step 5: Tying the knot

Take the red cloth/cloth bag and place your herbal ash mix into here, and tie with the black string.

With each knot of the string, visualise the sealing of the power you have manifested, and the strengthening of your words of protection and positivity towards the trans community.

If binding a TERF, envision their words and actions bounded and prevented with each knot you make.

Make 3 or 7 knots, go with what feels right for your spell, and finally drip some candle wax onto the tied string to seal it.

Step 6: The most important of all: Use your voice

To finish off your ritual, the most important step of all! With the power of your ashy herby pouch, open your internet browser, and search

Fill out the form to share your voice and thoughts on the Gender Recognition Act reform!

Share this everywhere, on your social medias, to your email list (have you got work colleagues that may not be part of the same social media echo-chamber as you?)

Send to your family WhatsApp chats!

Be ready to explain your views and to use your voice to speak up for the lives of trans people.

So mote it be!

Grandchildren Video 


Grandchildren”  is a celebration of our queer community, filmed in the basement of Dalston Superstore, I invited my queer family to dance and cast spell’s with their bodies. Styled from young recent graduate collections by the incredible Paolina Russo, winner of the CSM’s Loreal Professional Young Talent award, directed by newly signed Black Dog director Jade Jackman, and creative direction by myself, make up by CoCo Hirani and Emily Burrill, inspired by apocalyptic kids TV show ‘The Tribe’ and Computer Vision Dazzle paint, the video was union of incredible forces.

The concept story of the video about breaking down binaries and borders, we see a powerful group of diverse, queer techno witches dance to the rhythms of the earth core beats, their beautiful bodies creating magic, casting spells to dispel TERFs and the hetero-patriarchy. The second scene is a very conservative woman, writing out a speech for a conference, which we see is a binary code: 0110010010100 on her screen. The sounds and magic from the techno witches travel through the screen and possess the blonde woman as she is about to give the speech.
Interestingly, the day we filmed the video was London Pride, the same day that TERF (trans exclusionary radical [not so] feminists) protestors took over the march and shockingly led the march! This was an extremely saddening reality check to all our cast and crew as we spent the day surrounded by queer goddex’s and gender-non conforming royalty, empowering each other through dance and creation.”