Selena Ambar Navarro Polyester zine

A Love Letter To Selena

Ambar Navarro Polyester Zine Selena

We premiere Ambar Navarro’s latest short — a visual representation of her fangirldom for Selena. 

“I dreamt up this Selena fan video after growing up with the Selena film (1997), more than actually ever getting to experience the real Selena since she passed away in ’95  — I was born in ’91. Selena was the household tape we always played at home and in the car, along with Juan Gabriel who passed away earlier this year. I wanted to explore this Jennifer Lopez relationship I have with Selena and mash it up with inspiration from her classic Coca-Cola commercials, outrageous modelling poses, and recent Madame Tussauds and MAC premiere.

It also seemed like a perfect time to make this since I was close to the age when Selena passed away, (I was 24 when I made this and Gio my collaborator is 22, Selena died at age 23.) I knew I wanted Gio involved after seeing her amazing Selena t-shirt she designed while working at Laser Kitten and Leticia’s hair styling could perfect the classic Selena do’s – her messy Grammy’s up-do, classic bun, and straight down with pomp.” — Ambar Navarro, director.

“For me, Selena has always been a timeless figure. Though her style has gone in and out of fashion, her undeniable glamour and big heart have remained as relevant as ever. It’s surreal to come into my early twenties and rediscover just how revolutionary and inspiring she was as a figure, and how her legacy endures. Selena 4ever.” — Gio Castro, model, wardrobe, and end credit sequence.
“Beyond beauty and memorising bustiers, Selena was iconic in so many different ways. She was a Latin fresh face, who touched the hearts of young girls who commonly felt misunderstood — be it by their emotions, tradition or culture. Long live Selena.” — Leticia Llesmin, hair stylist.
Watch the video below:

Directed by Ambar Navarro, featuring, wardrobe, and end credit sequence by Gio Castro, hair by Leticia Llesmin, sound and post production assistance by Julian Petschek. Tshirt featured made for and available from Laser Kitten