A Call For Diversity

All photos are self-portraits. I do the whole process by myself. The production, styling, makeup, set up of the space (usually my room), composition, and everything else. I get to learn from different fields and it lets me have more control over what I’m looking for. And then I ask my husband to press the button for me, or I use a remote.

A Call for Diversity talks about the need that most women today have of looking like weird beauty clones. With plastic cosmetic procedure rates growing more popular everyday, and images of “beautiful” women more present than ever in the digital world. Living in a city like Miami made me even more aware of this.

Inspired by Naomi Wolf’s book, The Beauty Myth, which talks about how images of beauty are used against women, I wanted to know where does this need comes from, and how it’s been affecting us for a long time. No matter who you are, how you look and what economic position you hold, this implanted belief somehow influence us.

To me this has been a subject I’ve always wanted to explore – especially since I consider myself a typical prototype of what people consider beautiful inactual western society. It has always been strange to be “flattered” just for having a set of random features picked by genetic mutations. Still, I can assure you that doesn’t really matter how you look, industries still find a way to mess with your self-esteem. I would say that even though there are a lot of projects talking about this, it’s important to keep doing so, it’s a powerful way to make people conscious, and to at least make them question the “whys” of what they choose what they do.

Photography: Julieta Millan