3D Me

I am the kind of creative that likes to dip her feet into every medium. My first love was photography, but my second and more fervent love is 3D modeling & rendering. I didn’t want to spread myself too thin so I decided to put my photography in the back seat and focus on my digital work. Now I spend 10 hours a day looking at a computer screen and I started to miss the honest and ephemeral nature of photography … so I found a way to incorporate photographs into my virtual work.
This series of self-portraits is the result. I am the subject of all these images, which are taken either on my phone with self-timer or by friends. I replace certain features of each image with digital versions of themselves. The goal with this was not to replicate myself, but to create a series of caricatures of myself. They sort of look like me, but also unlike me and they are all different from one another.
The process is peculiarly similar to the way we curate images for the web. When we put images of ourselves online it is almost always a version of us, curated for the audience we are delivering to. Similarly, by replacing features with digital versions, I was able to curate my images even more so than then already were (extravagant outfits, thought out poses etc). In some of the original images I was not wearing makeup or jewelry but I added all those aspects in post. I even curated in a pimple or two! (because you’re not supposed to share all of your pimples with your social media followers ..duh)

Credits: Series by Carol Civre. Image 1: Photo by Charlie Bird, Image 2: Photo by me, Image 3: Photo by Cassidy Gyetvan, Image 4: Photo by Charlie Bird, Image 5: Photo by me, Image 6: Photo by me, Image 7: Photo by me