The poetry anthology published by young female authors for young female authors

Mix a spoonful of sugar, some spice and all things nice with slugs, snails and puppy dogs tails… that’s what Smear is made of. Smear is the all-female poetry anthology circulating in the Polyester office and, since June, has been sitting pretty on the shelves of Urban Outfitters. Containing the work of 34 poets in total, and with British poet, actress, model and total mega babe Greta Bellamacina as its editor, Smear provides a snapshot into how it is to be female and trying to figure it all out. Hey Greta! We wanna be in your poetry slam! We wanna join your girl gang! To celebrate the success of Smear, we caught up with the self-confessed Polyester super fan taking over the world one powerful poem at a time.

If you didn’t already know, Greta has much to do with your favourite poems. She’s like a lucky charm with an eye (and ear) for selecting the cream of the literary crop to collaborate with. Greta also gets by with a little help from her friends: for Smear, she teamed up with Guardian journalist Suzi Feay, fellow poet and model Rosalind Jana and editor of Cold Lips magazine Kirsty Allison. But Greta doesn’t just have her finger on the pulse, she is the pulse. Listening to her read her poems live is a hazy high that we never want to come down from. “I’ve been performing my poems since I was 18-years old,” she explains, though it seems as if she’s been born for it.

“It’s an exciting time to be a girl,” says Greta before performing her poem ‘Tomorrow’s Woman’, which follows the narrative of a young mother speaking to a future version of her son. Whether on stage or off, she’s effortlessly cool and captures the spirit of today. Greta’s also one of the most beautiful creatures we’ve ever met. Standing tall at 5ft 8in, with lagoon-blue-eyes and elfin porcelain face, she’s already captured the hearts of Stella McCartney, Burberry and Shrimps. She’s also our type of poster girl: refreshingly real and full of infectious energy. With long flaxen hair and perpetually optimistic flair, Greta makes it all seem brighter and better. She’s the kind of person you want to be BFFs with, if you’d dare.

We tracked down Greta, as she trots off to shoot her forthcoming feature film, to cherry-pick her top 10 poems from the collection.

Greta’s Top 10 poems

  1. Firsts- Rosalind Jana
  2. Too Serious- Lily Cheifez-fong
  3. The body colony- joelle taylor
  4. boys and bricks- brittany drays
  5. message to my teenage self- kirsty allison
  6. big ugly tattoo- suzi feay
  7. and you shine content- ana seferovic
  8. what is sisterhood- lisa luxx
  9. Tomorrow’s woman- Greta Bellamacina
  10. she sighs in her pantheon drowning- brit parks


She sighs in her pantheon

For me this difficulty is a muse-forth

For me this burning haze is a relief of stone

I keep you fairly close to my arms

I am thinking of a different word than arms

I am dreaming of your lost horns

a donation to me

Your glass ending is living

the objects you made are breathing

What a pleasure never to be captured.


Words: Adam Fletcher

Images and poems courtesy of New River Press