WAX by Vasilisa Forbes


An exclusive film edit for Polyester, WAX is part of a series by Vasilisa Forbes discussing the objectification of women in pop art and media through visual arts campaigns.

The visual aspect of the video is arranged to appear at first as a conventional ‘fashion film’.  But as the narrative of both the music and subtitled lyrics develop, the underlying darkness and meaning of the film is revealed, descending into extreme objectification towards the end. Teaming the incredible force of the popular lyric and sexualised, objectified imagery, the question of our acceptance of tones of dialogue, pornography and the impact of popular culture are raised.

The lyrics are taken directly from real, existing songs from contemporary and early 20th Century pop-music, including famous artists like John Lennon, Black Flag, Def Leppard, Rolling Stones, Slayer, Weezer, Madonna and many others.

View the film edit below,


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