‘To Die For’ Explores If Women’s Death Is A Fashion Statement

Edgar Allan Poe famously said “The death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world” and this made my head swim with the question why?

However, at the same time I had seen it all before; the hair spread out in water, the pale hands clasped together, the full and unnaturally red lips still plump and kissable. I had seen all of these images in everything from Disney films, to paintings hung in art galleries, to images splashed on the front of magazines. I knew exactly the allure of the young, beautiful dead girl because I had felt it too. The women in these double spreads do not have ambitions, they do not have a story, and they do not have a voice. And that needs to change.

My photographic series aims to showcase the bizarre reality of female death being used as a fashion statement.

Director/Editor/Photographer/Stylist: Faaria KhanModels: Alaina Gibson & Fiona Carr

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