I Eat Dogs

This collage series by Sophie Keith invokes visions of movement and the visceral to explore female sexuality, as physically layered as it is metaphorically. Art: Sophie Keith

What Sex Means To Those Who Have Been Sexually Exploited

Sex. To someone who hasn’t been chained in an attic, beaten, strangled, and raped, sex can mean love. Sex can mean pleasure. Sex can mean adventure. Sex can mean children, and family, and more love. Love and pleasure are not what victims of human trafficking equate to the performance of any sexual act.Young girls and...


​It is becoming hard not to sound like a cliché when talking about girlhood, sexuality and feminism. In the past years we saw a huge rise of feminist art and music. Girls are finally raising their voices through creative outlets expressing and celebrating their own ideas of sexuality, beauty, confidence. Somewhere behind the glitter, rose...

The Runaways

This shoot was inspired by gig culture, specifically that of post punk music but using the styling and soft lighting to step away from the stereotype and show vulnerability and femininity. Photographer: Nicole Ngai, Stylist: Elle Fell,  Hair: Hannah Godley, Make Up: Evie Eden, Models: Kizzie and Lucy from Nevs

Analogue Women

Analogue Women explores the ways women perceive themselves and their femininity in relation to the external perception. I’m working with young women, mainly students, stretching the limits of their confidence by putting them in front of a camera, engaging in a positively challenging process of self-discovery. Photography: Penelope Lisi Models:  Isabella, Francesca, Louiza and Chenda.  

A Picture Says A Thousand Words Part Two

  💖 A picture says a thousand words: second in the monthly series looking at poetry in response to images of culture queens by artist Liv Wynter – this time we’re OBSESSED with Mariah… 💖   Theories about why white str8 male poets love to write about the city as their girlfriend/wifey/bae: because they r SO ENTITLED they...

MissMe’s Army of Vandals

After leaving a position at an ad agency as senior art director, MissMe looked to the streets of Montreal to serve as her new canvas. She began plastering her work on countless buildings in the urban landscape, reaffirming her identity as the “Artful Vandal”. MissMe’s latest work, the Mickey Mouse eared “Army of Vandals”, was...

State and Religion Sitting In a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Economists, criminologists, police officials, scientists and politicians all stood around scratching their heads. The anticipated apocalyptic rise in crime across the US in the early 1990s had inexplicably never reared it’s head, rather, a hefty decline slowly emerged. Explanations and reasonings were thrown around by all of those whose prior predictions were found to be...

Ugh, Boys! Part Ten

💖 Part ten of Miu Hatano‘s comic which examines all the weird & not-so-wonderful things boys say or do. 💖

Ugh, Boys! Part Nine

💖 Part nine of Miu Hatano‘s comic which examines all the weird & not-so-wonderful things boys say or do. 💖

Daddy Lessons

Beyoncé, Sylvia Plath & the Cultural Canon of Women’s Pain. When Beyoncé’s Lemonade was but a mysterious, shadowy hour blocked out on HBO’s schedule for the evening of Saturday 23rd April 2016 – that is, before the world had been exposed to the newest piece of work by one of our most vitally important working...

How To (Actually) Deal With Victims of Abuse

Hiya! My name’s Esha. I’ve had a pretty shit time of late. My victim support officer suggested a great way to combat said shit time would be to write about it. Frustratingly, there’s a lot of shit stuff I’d like to write about that I’m not able to share publicly at this time. However, some...