India’s Gaze On Women: Priyanka Shah

It’s hard to be a woman in India. From birth many suffer the consequence of gender hierarchy, where baby boys take the top spot in many families as they are considered both good luck and a blessing. As a female you’re at a disadvantage in society before you’ve even started your life. With a more...

❤ Gyrl Gaze- The Pastels ❤

Once upon a time, a trio of girls from Australia decided to create a beauty Youtube channel unaware of how massive an impact they would make or how many people they would reach. In December of 2014, The Pastels was born and 74 videos and 4,335 subscribers later, they are making more than a dent...

❤ Gyrl Gaze- Christina Poku ❤

“She does the work”. That’s the first phrase that popped into my mind when I first stumbled across Christina Poku. I was instantly hit by the variety and consistency; at first glance, one can immediately tell that Christina is an artist that does work.

❤ Gyrl Gaze- Tabita Rezaire ❤

The internet is a space that is moved and navigated by the other; marginalized people, women, queer kids, immigrants, etc. At least, this is what I’ve always believed. With the flow of discourse and art that exists on the internet amongst people of colour, women, and queer folk,

Gyrl Gaze- Zarina Muhammad

It’s no secret that the internet is no longer a secret realm set apart from our day to day life. We’re using the net to create spaces for ourselves and invade spaces that have deemed us unworthy. This fortnightly column will serve as a platform where I get to introduce rad girls of colour who...