Through The Looking Glass

💛 Photographer Katarina Tamova captures London College of Fashion graduate Jane Allcock’s mysterious beauty in a dreamy wonderland. 💛 Photography by Katarina Tamova. All Clothing by Jane Allcock. Hair and Makeup by Melanie Christou. Set Design by Keziah Drew. Model: Anita Zaman.

MissMe’s Army of Vandals

After leaving a position at an ad agency as senior art director, MissMe looked to the streets of Montreal to serve as her new canvas. She began plastering her work on countless buildings in the urban landscape, reaffirming her identity as the “Artful Vandal”. MissMe’s latest work, the Mickey Mouse eared “Army of Vandals”, was...

Hashtag Selfie

Mariela Escalante’s graduate collection is about the narcissist that lives within us all…💚 Clothes & Styling by Mariela Escalante. Photography by Camila Anais. Makeup by Marc Romero. Models: Jill Verbickaite and Hannah Wiklund.

Daydreaming With The Trollsen Twins

♥️ Get lost in Montreal’s Botanical Gardens with the Trollsen Twins. ♥️ Photography by Delphine Lewis.

Asininely, Donald Trump

As the threat of Donald Trump heightens & a new age of fear, fascism & anti-intellectualism looks more & more probable, illustrator Mikaela Monday creates a visual response to Trump’s poisonous words on the Orlando attack just two months after its occurrence. Trump’s words are held up in contrast to previous US Presidents’ responses to...

Gerrit Jacob, My German Heartthrob

I have been stalking Gerrit Jacob for five months now. I know that he likes popcorn, broccoli, baby food puree (apple), dislikes the sound of the Spanish language and onions. He arrives at the fashion studios of Central Saint Martins everyday at 9am, goes for his highly anticipated Waitrose break between 1 and 2, again...

Black Vulnerability

During a turbulent time, Jasmine Weber captures black vulnerability in a series of photographs, accompanied by a short essay discussing police brutality and racial trauma. After experiencing tragedy, black people are not afforded the freedom to be vulnerable. Centuries upon centuries of discrimination and systemic racism have painted a picture of black Americans that is...

Ugh, Boys! Part Eleven

💖 Part eleven of Miu Hatano‘s comic which examines all the weird & not-so-wonderful things boys say or do. 💖

State and Religion Sitting In a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Economists, criminologists, police officials, scientists and politicians all stood around scratching their heads. The anticipated apocalyptic rise in crime across the US in the early 1990s had inexplicably never reared it’s head, rather, a hefty decline slowly emerged. Explanations and reasonings were thrown around by all of those whose prior predictions were found to be...

Date the Rainbow at Moth Club

On the 3rd of August, an ex servicemen’s members club in the heart of Hackney will open its heart to new adventures and ideas. This men’s gay speed dating event is a night of glam within the heart of Hackney. Welcoming everyone for what maybe the winning night of your life – the night you find true...

Pastels & Poetry

 ‘Pastels & Poetry’ is an ongoing poetry & photo project by published writer, Raychel Reimer. Reimer visually showcases her poetry works in uniquely assembled frames to catch the reader’s eye. The purpose of the bold colour use in Reimer’s project is to not shy away from her own personal femininity, and to deconstruct the idea...

Be My Baby

💙 Keep the summer spirit alive with mega-babe Constance Mary as she brings us a sun-soaked shoot straight from New Zealand! 💙 Photography: Constance Mary Models: Alannah, Oskar and Annie Clothing: Constance Mary, Somewhere Nowhere