Jewish Beauty

✨🔯Photographer Tom Selmon explores Jewish culture & beauty in an exclusive editorial for Polyester. There are many different features which equate to the idea of beauty in Judaism, many coming from Eastern Europe & the Middle East. Shot on normal Jewish girls in a suburban setting, Selmon adheres to certain clichés whilst providing an honest...

Consumption Is Destruction

💪 Photographer Adam Ward believes we have to break down & destroy what we consume from the media as it “plagues us with misinformation, misrepresentation, and contributes to the depreciation of our true selves”. 💪 Photography & Art Direction: Adam Ward. Model, Makeup & Hair: Quintessa Meekins.  

Don’t Dull Your Sparkle For Anyone

It seems that Sideara St. Claire does pretty much everything that an LA based cool-girl can do. As well as acting & singing, St. Claire owns her own clothing brand called NIN3; styling & shooting her clothing on a band of internet-famous friends for the blog.   Here she styled & shot an exclusive for Polyester: Don’t...

Moody Blue

💙 Michèle Côté beauty editorial for those days that have you feeling blue. The days might be getting shorter & colder but there’s no excuse for the autumnal weather to get to you! 💙 Photography: Michèle Côté. Beauty: Alper Sisters using Milk Makeup, Pat McGrath Skin Lab, Nars, Urban Decay & Mac. Model: Teodoro.

Ugh, Boys! Part Twelve

💖 Anniversary edition of Miu Hatano‘s comic which examines all the weird & not-so-wonderful things boys say or do!! 💖

Boris’ Verdict On NYFW

Another fashion week has started a couple of weeks ago in New York and I had an eye on every single show. There’s about…way too many shows in NYC for very very little that is worth mentioning. So, I made a very restricted selection of the best that happened in this Big Apple which seems...

Mix #3: Hellcat For Polyester

Hellcat is the latest artist to produce a mix for Polyester – well, less of a mix & more of a track. The Portland-based, non-binary producer, they’re currently working on a “really nice weird hip-hop EP” which should be out soon but the dates are rather vague. Here they talk the music scene in their...

Rebel Uniform

 💪 Kristen Meaclem has created a mini collection for the rebel within by deconstructing uniforms &, consequently, the rules. 💪 Photography: Megan Alexander. Clothes: Kristen Meaclem. Textile Design: Chhavi Kashyap. Model: Shaylah Minhinnick. Body Art: Isaac Laughton. Make-up: Lara Daly. Hair: Henare Davidson Quaife & Brixton Cowie.

The Moon, My Soulmate

At eight years old, my parents divorced. My Mum moved 200 miles to Plymouth, a seaside city in Devon, and my Dad remained in The Cotswolds, a beautiful segment of the British countryside and my childhood home. They had an arrangement: every two weeks my sister, my brother and I visited my Dad. They would...

NM, U?

Photography: Lindsey L33. Styling: Margaret Williamson Bechtold. Models: Ariel & Maggie. Underwear: Artemis Antippas.

You Pay Or I’ll Slay

I have been modelling since I was 14 years old. I started out with a big agency in the capital. It was daunting — coming from a small town up North, London was terrifyingly huge. I’d go to all my castings accompanied by my mum. She plucked my eyebrows for the first time ever on...

A Sunny Afternoon With Isabel Hendrix

  🌸 Body-posi model Isabel Hendrix & photographer Hana Haley hang out for an afternoon in sun soaked LA. 🌸 Photography by Hana Haley.