Ugh, Boys! Part Nine

💖 Part nine of Miu Hatano‘s comic which examines all the weird & not-so-wonderful things boys say or do. 💖

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

💖 A picture says a thousand words: a new fortnightly series looking at poetry in response to images of culture queens by artist Liv Wynter – starting with Britney, bitch… 💖   A SERIES OF BREAK UP TEXTS YOU ARE PLAYING DEVILS ADVOCATE YOU ARE PLAYING AN ACOUSTIC GUITAR AT A PARTY YOU ARE CASUAL MISOGYNY AT...

Not Your Exotic, Not Your Erotic

In the spirit of Suheir Hammad’s poem,  artist Melanie Lehmann explores the word “exotic” and the microagression and ignorance (in terms of trying to stereotype and put people into categories of otherness) behind it. Using the theme of a tropical place as a parody of the stereotypical images of “exotic” destinations. With this project she aims to eliminate the...

Confident Like Soulja Boy

The latest instalment of, ‘My Therapist Gave Me An Assignment: Write about Your Ex’. My confidence level (if you haven’t caught on) plummeted. My identity fled. I was boy-less and job-less. The person I knew and the job that served as my identity within the “adult” world was now gone. When people asked “what do...

Bubble Pop Electric

💚 Living in a digital world with Iliana K. 💚 Photography: Iliana K. Clothes: Art Baby Girl.