Halloween’s Coming!

It’s only five days until Halloween & in preparation we’re asking illustrators to cook us up something nice for outfit inspo. First up we’ve got Bella Podpadec’s three witches! 💚

At Least I Have Ringworm

Artist Jamie Morgan has created a series of dream hats for the overworked & underpaid. “Basically I’m just satirising myself because I’m choosing to work in a more expensive art field,” she explains, being a photographer who uses film is cripplingly pricey. Ironically the hats themselves are too expensive to make & so they exist...

Jouana Jasim On Finding Escapism

Somewhere in between claustrophobic boredom and an underlying creative desire Jouana Jasim found art (or maybe art found her). The things we wholly and truly love often have a funny way of finding us. We may never know we need something, and then soon enough we can’t imagine life without it. Or maybe we have...

Perfection Is Ugly

Experimenting with glitter & the idea of perfection as ugly, photographer Noémi Ottilia Szabo captures the rare beauty of young model Janek. Photography: Noémi Ottilia Szabo. Model: Janek. MUA/Hair: Lilith.

You Are A Flower

In this illustration series Christy Gumucio opens up about abuse & how to cope with it. 💪

Rain Dove: On Being Herself

A couple of years ago, model Rain Dove was sleeping in her car, friend’s houses or in shower cubicles. Now, she’s chatting with companies like Facebook, to implement a new descriptor of sexual orientation, ‘misexual.’ “It means ‘it’s my journey, it’s my passion, it’s my love, and it can’t be compared to anyone else’s,” Rain...

Colour Pop

👠 Parsons graduate Diego Campos’ work is bold, bright and beautiful. It brings to mind master photographers Guy Bourdin and Hiro in its surreal and mesmerising style. 👠 Styling by Kat Banas. Hair by Ledora Francis. Makeup by Romana Lai. Models: Olivia at NY Model Management, Lara & Adriana at Muse Management.

A Boss Not A Woman

I have always been surrounded by people who believe that feminism has no place in modern, Western society; many of these people believe that the enfranchisement of women has seemed to cleanse away inequalities which still exist. This belief is often laced into comments which will niggle into conversations about feminism: “women have the vote,...

Jewish Beauty

✨🔯Photographer Tom Selmon explores Jewish culture & beauty in an exclusive editorial for Polyester. There are many different features which equate to the idea of beauty in Judaism, many coming from Eastern Europe & the Middle East. Shot on normal Jewish girls in a suburban setting, Selmon adheres to certain clichés whilst providing an honest...

Consumption Is Destruction

💪 Photographer Adam Ward believes we have to break down & destroy what we consume from the media as it “plagues us with misinformation, misrepresentation, and contributes to the depreciation of our true selves”. 💪 Photography & Art Direction: Adam Ward. Model, Makeup & Hair: Quintessa Meekins.  

Don’t Dull Your Sparkle For Anyone

It seems that Sideara St. Claire does pretty much everything that an LA based cool-girl can do. As well as acting & singing, St. Claire owns her own clothing brand called NIN3; styling & shooting her clothing on a band of internet-famous friends for the blog.   Here she styled & shot an exclusive for Polyester: Don’t...

Moody Blue

💙 Michèle Côté beauty editorial for those days that have you feeling blue. The days might be getting shorter & colder but there’s no excuse for the autumnal weather to get to you! 💙 Photography: Michèle Côté. Beauty: Alper Sisters using Milk Makeup, Pat McGrath Skin Lab, Nars, Urban Decay & Mac. Model: Teodoro.