Footwear for Foot Fetishists

[cycloneslider id=”footwear-for-foot-fetishists”] 👠 LA based photographer Parker Day shoots some of her favourite girls in an editorial for those partial to feet. 👠 Photography: Parker Day Styling: Alanna Pearl Models: Jail Feet, Joey, Sean East, Alanna Pearl, Josephine Pearl Lee

Not Your Exotic

[cycloneslider id=”not-your-exotic”] In the spirit Suheir Hammad’s poem “Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic”, Melanie Lehmann decided to explore the idea of fetishised exoticism through a series of photographs & short videos. It explores the word “exotic” and highlights the microaggression and ignorance attached to it in terms of categorising people by using one umbrella term...

Just Like Jenna

[cycloneslider id=”jenna-h”] 💔 Jenna Harrison wears Jenna Harrison LCF MA Collection. 💔 Photography: Daniella Maiorano Styling: Lucy-Isobel Bonner  MUA: Olivia Cochrane All clothes: Jenna Harrison Model: Jenna Harrison

She Twists, She Falls

At First I was 14 or so. I was at an army family barbecue on the Cotter River in Canberra. A small child darted in front of me. I was already in motion and the small person interrupted my pace. My feet halted but the top part of me kept going. I crumpled over my...


[cycloneslider id=”intimacy”] There is so much pressure put on girls and women to measure our worth through our ability to have intimate relationships. We are inherently expected to be affectionate. We aspire to have our fist kisses from such a young age, and it’s an unspoken rite of passage to be in a romantic relationship....

Megan-Magdalena Bourne’s Soft Paradise

[cycloneslider id=”soft-paradise”]   In February we were lucky enough to have premiered Vancouver-based photographer Megan-Magdalena Bourne’s first short film. Now we have the pleasure of premiering her second, SOFT PARADISE. “Soft Paradise is the love child between myself and Juliann McCandless. I’ve known her for almost a decade but we had never shot together before. We...

London Fashion Week: Through The Eyes of Liza Keane

[cycloneslider id=”liza-lfw-illustrations”] All illustrations by Liza Keane. Collections (in order of appearance): Mimi Wade, Shrimps, Molly Goddard, Claire Barrow, Toga.

Clio Peppiatt AW16

[cycloneslider id=”clio-aw16″] All Photos by Joanna Kiely

Ugh, Boys! Part Six

[cycloneslider id=”ugh-boys-pt-7″] A new instalment of our comic exploring all the creepy way guys hit on girls by Miu Hatano. Keep up with the series here & check out her instagram – @ohmissmiu

Queer Realities

From Lara Croft cyberbimbos to the static growth of female employees, technology has long been held captive by a testosterone-fuelled industry. Virtual realms and digital landscapes ubiquitously glorify misogyny, capitalising on gender stereotypes and nourishing the male machismo. Technology may be thrusting us into the future, but its banal representation of gender identity in the...

Faeces Thesis

“Have you seen that girl staring at us?” my friend whispered in my ear, “she’s such a bitch”. This is normally how hostility between women begins: through an unfounded, unwarranted yet unbelievably self-assured statement of war. “What do you mean?”, I asked my friend. “I don’t like the way she is looking at me”. Since...

American TV

A short story by Aimee Bea. Not wanting to be naked with someone who had previously fucked your brains out is sad. I watched him leave with one eye closed, pretending to be asleep. He forgot to kiss me goodbye but I let it slip. When you’re sustaining a long-dead relationship for the sake of...