Space Scorched

A journey through space to a beach on Mars. 👽🌸 Set Design & Hair by Lydia Chan. Styling by Nicole Chui. Photography by Julia Pecegueiro. Makeup by Fahad Ahmed Bandial. Model – Angelina Jesson. Featuring clothing by Carmen Channers, Lydia Chan, Peaches & Cream, Rebecca Dixon & Sarah Hollebon.

Pink Goo

Photography by Jamie Knowlton. Find more of their work here.

Stuck In The Outback

Clothing by Max Mollison. Photography by Constance Mary. Models: Rachael and Beth.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words Part Two

  💖 A picture says a thousand words: second in the monthly series looking at poetry in response to images of culture queens by artist Liv Wynter – this time we’re OBSESSED with Mariah… 💖   Theories about why white str8 male poets love to write about the city as their girlfriend/wifey/bae: because they r SO ENTITLED they...

Polyester’s Guide To Getting Rid Of Chub Rub

When I was a much younger and much more stupid person, I resolutely refused to believe I could have chub rub. Sure, every summer my thighs chafed together with a force of friction that probably could have produced fire, but it was not chubby. I mean I wasn’t chubby (I was) so I couldn’t have chub...

Hi Boo, I Love You

If there exists a colour with more polarising qualities than pink, I’m yet to be graced by its presence. Chosen moniker of Alecia Beth Moore, king of Cam’ron’s iconic fur get up, and key signifier of the Barbie franchise (see also female baby announcements and the women’s toiletries aisle) it is perhaps the only colour...

Lazy LA

🌸 Photographer Brandie Wedderburn captures a lazy, hazy afternoon in Los Angeles. 🌸 Photography by Brandie Wedderburn. Styling by Taylor D Michael. Models: Taylor D Michael & Justine Biticon.

Through The Looking Glass

💛 Photographer Katarina Tamova captures London College of Fashion graduate Jane Allcock’s mysterious beauty in a dreamy wonderland. 💛 Photography by Katarina Tamova. All Clothing by Jane Allcock. Hair and Makeup by Melanie Christou. Set Design by Keziah Drew. Model: Anita Zaman.

MissMe’s Army of Vandals

After leaving a position at an ad agency as senior art director, MissMe looked to the streets of Montreal to serve as her new canvas. She began plastering her work on countless buildings in the urban landscape, reaffirming her identity as the “Artful Vandal”. MissMe’s latest work, the Mickey Mouse eared “Army of Vandals”, was...

Hashtag Selfie

Mariela Escalante’s graduate collection is about the narcissist that lives within us all…💚 Clothes & Styling by Mariela Escalante. Photography by Camila Anais. Makeup by Marc Romero. Models: Jill Verbickaite and Hannah Wiklund.

Daydreaming With The Trollsen Twins

♥️ Get lost in Montreal’s Botanical Gardens with the Trollsen Twins. ♥️ Photography by Delphine Lewis.

Asininely, Donald Trump

As the threat of Donald Trump heightens & a new age of fear, fascism & anti-intellectualism looks more & more probable, illustrator Mikaela Monday creates a visual response to Trump’s poisonous words on the Orlando attack just two months after its occurrence. Trump’s words are held up in contrast to previous US Presidents’ responses to...