💚 Enter the void with Lucinda Bunny Barker & Jade Clark. 💚 Photography by Lucinda Bunny Barker.  Clothing courtesy of Jade Clark, available on ASOS Marketplace and Depop. Set by Josie Dove. Makeup by Hannah Twigg. Styling by Sophie Wickington.

Constructed Perfection

A fashion story exploring the concept of a constructed type of perfection. The doll-like beauty of 21-year-old model Elena seems to have darker undertones, much like the garment industry today. All clothes by PHT & Somewhere Nowhere – both brands that focus on slow, hand crafted fashion.  They believe in empowering the buyer and challenge them...

Lifting The Whole Galaxy Up

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, Jonno Revanche pens this lament to their queer identity existing in a foreign world. It started with the remnants of a little rush. Seeing myself in other people, and then turning back inwards. I thought I was ‘boring’ once. I knew that there was more to it than...

The Man & The Club

Derek Ridgers’ work is beyond eponymous. Having shot every living and extinct subculture in the past forty years, he is the man who lurked about London’s darkest club corners and documented everybody from mods, punks, to New Romantics, skinheads (he admits to have been a rather “useless” one) to early acid ravers. But his beginnings...

Not Your Exotic, Not Your Erotic

In the spirit of Suheir Hammad’s poem,  artist Melanie Lehmann explores the word “exotic” and the microagression and ignorance (in terms of trying to stereotype and put people into categories of otherness) behind it. Using the theme of a tropical place as a parody of the stereotypical images of “exotic” destinations. With this project she aims to eliminate the...

Bubble Pop Electric

💚 Living in a digital world with Iliana K. 💚 Photography: Iliana K. Clothes: Art Baby Girl.

I’ve Been Here Before

🍒 Austin-based artist Lindsey L33 explores a creepy abandoned theme park in this nostalgic photo series for Polyester! 🍒 Photography & Styling: Lindsey L33 Model: Laura

Mother May I

Mother May I  is a series featuring girls trapped in a fantastical world. With rainbow printed bedsheets as a backdrop they appear like sex obsessed angels that re-envision the artist’s childhood conception of sexuality. All photographs by Kelsey Bennett. Models: Heather Morgan, Emma Appel, Rémy Bennett, Anna & Antonia Marsh.

Cherry Sister

Grace and Alice photographed in the town they spend every summer in. Constance Mary is a photographer from New Zealand and has babysat the subjects, Grace and Alice, for five years. They adore having their photograph taken and dressing up. She took these on the way to the lake for an after-dinner swim. All photographs by Constance Mary.

Reclining Nude With Jello

[cycloneslider id=”reclining-nude-with-jello”] 💥 Re-contextualising the female nude with Montreal-based photographer, Laurence Philomène. 💥 Photographer: Laurence Philomène Model: Wolfie Coat by Lafaille Nails by Wolfie

Footwear for Foot Fetishists

[cycloneslider id=”footwear-for-foot-fetishists”] 👠 LA based photographer Parker Day shoots some of her favourite girls in an editorial for those partial to feet. 👠 Photography: Parker Day Styling: Alanna Pearl Models: Jail Feet, Joey, Sean East, Alanna Pearl, Josephine Pearl Lee

Not Your Exotic

[cycloneslider id=”not-your-exotic”] In the spirit Suheir Hammad’s poem “Not Your Erotic, Not Your Exotic”, Melanie Lehmann decided to explore the idea of fetishised exoticism through a series of photographs & short videos. It explores the word “exotic” and highlights the microaggression and ignorance attached to it in terms of categorising people by using one umbrella term...