Cruise Through This Artist’s Neon Paradise

In a city inundated with neon signs and partially functioning LED lights, their presence can often feel hackneyed. LA artist Ginger Q. knows this. Yet, that doesn’t deter her from the versatile and appealing medium that is neon; it intrigues her. In her most recent solo show, entitled Flip It N’ Reverse It, Ginger explored...

Mandy Stoller’s Hollyweird Premiere

Mandy Stoller’s  3 minute documentary Hollyweird on Los Angeles photographer Danin Jacquay follows the contrasts and comparisons between being ultimate glamour and completely gross. Can we be sexy while being revolting? Does joining the two become sexual or repulsive – or something entirely inbetween? This documentary premieres exclusively on Polyester as a celebration of all things weird...

Don’t Dull Your Sparkle For Anyone

It seems that Sideara St. Claire does pretty much everything that an LA based cool-girl can do. As well as acting & singing, St. Claire owns her own clothing brand called NIN3; styling & shooting her clothing on a band of internet-famous friends for the blog.   Here she styled & shot an exclusive for Polyester: Don’t...

A Sunny Afternoon With Isabel Hendrix

  🌸 Body-posi model Isabel Hendrix & photographer Hana Haley hang out for an afternoon in sun soaked LA. 🌸 Photography by Hana Haley.

Lazy LA

🌸 Photographer Brandie Wedderburn captures a lazy, hazy afternoon in Los Angeles. 🌸 Photography by Brandie Wedderburn. Styling by Taylor D Michael. Models: Taylor D Michael & Justine Biticon.

Footwear for Foot Fetishists

[cycloneslider id=”footwear-for-foot-fetishists”] 👠 LA based photographer Parker Day shoots some of her favourite girls in an editorial for those partial to feet. 👠 Photography: Parker Day Styling: Alanna Pearl Models: Jail Feet, Joey, Sean East, Alanna Pearl, Josephine Pearl Lee

Vampires in LA

[cycloneslider id=”ghost-of-hollywood-2″] ❤️ Lewis Vaughan’s photographic tribute to David Lynch & Nicolas Winding Refns upcoming film The Neon Demon (starring Elle Fanning!) ❤️ Photography & Art Direction: Lewis Vaughan Styling: Lewis Vaughan & Emily Buckley Jones MUA: Racquella Cass assisted by Jenny Machin Models: Toni, Alexandra & Owen at Boss