Just, Our Girls

Who are the girls you see? Pure, dolls colored pink, white dress with lace, unicorn, quiet, shy, obey… Who are they? In here, only ‘our’ girls exist. Just, ‘our’ girls stand in front of you. An insight on the women doing ‘unconventional’ jobs for our gender by illustrator by Handi Kim


​It is becoming hard not to sound like a cliché when talking about girlhood, sexuality and feminism. In the past years we saw a huge rise of feminist art and music. Girls are finally raising their voices through creative outlets expressing and celebrating their own ideas of sexuality, beauty, confidence. Somewhere behind the glitter, rose...

Celeste Mountjoy Talks @filthyratbag

Scrolling through the explore page on Instagram, one tends to find a variety of things. Sometimes amidst the coal, you find a big diamond rock. In my case, I stumbled upon a comic by Celeste Mountjoy. And it got me wondering – what does Mountjoy’s alias, filthyratbag even mean? Under the username filthyratbag, Celeste’s art is...


[cycloneslider id=”intimacy”] There is so much pressure put on girls and women to measure our worth through our ability to have intimate relationships. We are inherently expected to be affectionate. We aspire to have our fist kisses from such a young age, and it’s an unspoken rite of passage to be in a romantic relationship....

Ugh, Boys! Part Six

[cycloneslider id=”ugh-boys-pt-7″] A new instalment of our comic exploring all the creepy way guys hit on girls by Miu Hatano. Keep up with the series here & check out her instagram – @ohmissmiu

The Pill

[cycloneslider id=”the-pill”] After noticing how the colour of her pill packet matched the colour of her nails, illustrator Daisy Allen started wondering who Cilest would be if she were a real girl. What would she look like? What would she do with herself? Spawning from that, Allen decided to bring her contraception to life with an editorial exploring...

Miu Hatano

Half Japanese, half English girl who likes scary and cute things. Miuhatano.tumblr.com Instagram.com/ohmissmiu  

Georgia Haire

Georgia is a 24 year old illustrator & History graduate living in London. Her work focuses on flesh and bodies, and she’s also really into Wetherspoons and medical museums. Instagram: @georgiahaire Photo by Sophie Davidson