Clothes Horse

I used to be a total clothes horse. Throughout high school, if a day came when I had nothing new to wear, I’d throw something together, or staple something together, or safety pin it. Upholstery fabric was easy to wrap into a sari. Retro polo shirts became skirts. Anything ­– a boy scout uniform, a nurse’s...


This is a series based on my own experiences that depict the different shades of depression; both the ups and the downs. Illustrations: Beth Richardson

I Eat Dogs

This collage series by Sophie Keith invokes visions of movement and the visceral to explore female sexuality, as physically layered as it is metaphorically. Art: Sophie Keith


​It is becoming hard not to sound like a cliché when talking about girlhood, sexuality and feminism. In the past years we saw a huge rise of feminist art and music. Girls are finally raising their voices through creative outlets expressing and celebrating their own ideas of sexuality, beauty, confidence. Somewhere behind the glitter, rose...

Blessed Is The Pain

I. FLESH Job 14:22 “They feel but the pain of their own bodies and mourn only for themselves.” Matthew 23:33 “‘You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?’” Job 15:21 “The wicked man writhes in pain all his days, through all the years that are laid up for the...

Ugh, Boys! Part Thirteen

Part thirteen of Miu Hatano's comic which examines all the weird & not-so-wonderful things boys say or do.

Halloween Countdown: 2 Days!

Two days to go! We’re celebrating with Marlena Synchyshyn‘s rendition of Goya’s The Spell. 🔮9

Halloween Countdown: 3 Days!

Release your inner Goddess with Delilah Holliday!! 💙💥

Halloween Countdown: 4 Days!

Playing dress up with Bridget Meyne.  

Jouana Jasim On Finding Escapism

Somewhere in between claustrophobic boredom and an underlying creative desire Jouana Jasim found art (or maybe art found her). The things we wholly and truly love often have a funny way of finding us. We may never know we need something, and then soon enough we can’t imagine life without it. Or maybe we have...

You Are A Flower

In this illustration series Christy Gumucio opens up about abuse & how to cope with it. 💪

Ugh, Boys! Part Twelve

💖 Anniversary edition of Miu Hatano‘s comic which examines all the weird & not-so-wonderful things boys say or do!! 💖