How a manicure can help you campaign for trans rights

This comic is part of Charlie Cragg’s Nail Transphobia editorial takeover. To read Charlie’s editors letter and find out more about her work, life and activist campaigns, click here. Charlie’s own brand of activism — fabulous activism — has always been about engaging real people in tiny acts that spur on concrete change. From her...

Alternative Film Poster of the month

Illustrated by Charlotte Tymm

The Very Scary Film – A new monthly illustration

Charlotte Tymm a.k.a. Trashpanda is a self-taught artist based in London. For Polyester, Tymm re-creates different iconic film poster’s each month. This month, for halloween, its “The Vey Scary Film” starring icons such as big hungry fish, weird man in mask loves a power tool, hot blonde rad outfit, and creepy teenage girl.

Why We Need To Treat All Skin Tones Equally

The story of colourism is deeply anti-feminist. It is the story of femininity diminishing with skin darkness, romantic rejection by men both black and white and a society that denies women of colour agency and fullness of emotion. I argue this because the elevation of black women of lighter skin tones indicates a society with...

How Protest Has Become Profitable

If there’s a scheduled protest on the horizon, there’s a good chance you’ll engage in the following routine:  someone will send over a Facebook invite to register your attendance, you’ll accept, and make plans with friends or colleagues to make signs the night before (often over a bottle of wine). On the day of protest,...

Is Yoga A Scam?

                                  Our monthly comic from Yaga Sara is focusing on yoga: Ignorance is bliss it can be easily achieved with the help of these three asanas, suitable for beginners. Comic: Yaga Sara

LIMBO – A New Monthly Polyester Comic

Limbo is relatable for people who are in the in between stages of adulthood, this is a mainly autobiographical series about constantly going to the pub, getting with rubbish guys, dropping out of uni, etc. Comic: Maddie Cottam-Allan

Meet The Artists Making Bodies Better Places

They make a living off the female form, evoking power and strength in exposing, highlighting the most vulnerable yet beautiful thing about us: our naked home. In doing so, both Liah Edwardes and Hilde Atalanta have created powerful communities of self-love and reconnection. Liah, aka @DriftedLineDesign, sees each body as originally beautiful. No duplicates, no...

Just, Our Girls

Who are the girls you see? Pure, dolls colored pink, white dress with lace, unicorn, quiet, shy, obey… Who are they? In here, only ‘our’ girls exist. Just, ‘our’ girls stand in front of you. An insight on the women doing ‘unconventional’ jobs for our gender by illustrator by Handi Kim

Pop-Up Attack

Pop-up attack: our pink haired heroine explores the world of spiritual blogging at her own risk. Comic: Yaga Sara

Inside London’s Feminist Wrestling Club

  Watch out: female wrestling is not just a fiction popularised by Netflix. At EVE, the London club of “Punk, Feminist and Riot Grrrl of Pro-Wrestling” women are rocking and kicking asses.   This Sunday 4th of March, it was cold in The Resistance Gallery, the place where EVE’s members are training. “Don’t worry, you...

Pursuing A Creative Career

Sometimes, pursuing a creative career can feel like an uphill battle. But then I must remind myself that I have chosen this life, and there’s a reason that I have. It’s a world where it’s easy to feel like everyone around you has their whole career planned out step by step and have been honing...