A Nervous Weakness— The Feminist Outlet of Gothic Literature.

“Most men’s eyes, when you look at them critically, are not like that. They may look at you very expressively, but when you look at them, just as features, they are not very nice.” A woman rips down a stripe of hideous wallpaper. Her husband looks on helplessly before falling into a dead faint. His...

Fancy Feast!

A set of 9 photos and 3 GIFs based on the idea of a kitsch queen having a totally colorful, lavish feast. We were inspired by all things tacky, campy, and gross, and think that the images would fit perfectly with Polyester’s aesthetic that we both adore. Iris took the photos, I collaged ’em and...


Zita is an artist from Budapest: “I have a kitschy brand called Mermaid Tea Party. I created this video and the music was by Uffalo Steez and myself,” she explains. Video by Zita Nagy

Beyond The Curve

Two significant events happened in my life in 2017. I turned 30 and I got married. Before the wedding I noticed I was curvier than usual. I have decided to try something I never had the patience for: slowly, gradually changing my lifestyle. I promised myself I won’t be impatient, I won’t force myself to...

Double Folly

Double Folly is a series by Barcelona based photographer Alba Yruela, focusing on fabrics and colors. The models are twins, hence the referential title. Photographer: Alba Yruela, Stylist: Ahida Agirre, Art Direction: Maria Pratts, Models: Blanca F & Laura F, Make up: Ana Cano


This is a series based on my own experiences that depict the different shades of depression; both the ups and the downs. Illustrations: Beth Richardson

I’m In A Serious Relationship With My Food

I’m in a Serious Relationship with My Food is a series that highlights the basic necessity and the infinite complexities relating to the human being’s profound connection to food.  With an unsettling air, these photos capture excess, insanity, privilege and options.  I wanted to make the scenes overwhelming, intimate and perverted, forcing the viewer into...

Science Fiction Is For White People

The concept of science fiction was built for white people; it took off near the start of the Industrial Revolution and age of Enlightenment in Europe. Scifi is then a very Eurocentric box, though The Arabian Nights and other folklore may contain elements of scifi. Scifi is an expansion, along with technology, in the human...

Nothing Sweeter

Nothing tastes better than putting down sexist men, as shown in Ona Greenberg’s monthly comic. Exploring the sweeter side of life shouldn’t be accompanied by any bitter remarks. Comic: Ona Greenberg  

Don’t Call Us A Girl Band

“Girl bands” don’t want to be called “girl bands”, and it utterly perplexes me. Last December, I put out an open casting call for a “girl band” of my own. I posted self-made flyers around my uni’s music building. My desperation to create a band came in A4-paper form: “BASSIST LOOKING TO FORM ALL-FEMALE GARAGE-PUNK...

Beach Hair

C’mon ladies, this is how to rock those sea salted, beachy waves that have been everywhere this summer! The men love this beach hair look, and why wouldn’t they? Your hair looks soooo good when it’s long. Image: Ona Greenberg


I was raised part-time by ghosts: grandmothers, cousins, the ouija board channels a family tree still hairpiled in ‘60s bouffants, still listening to Rumi on the radio. I occupy the absence of these women, whose lives I remember in a pre-Revolutionary Iran that I’ve certainly never known. And to their company I am adding, like...