Cage Dancing 101: How To Wake Up Your Inner Vixen Without Flashing Anyone

Cage dancing, a pretty unheard of concept in everyday life, but I am here to guide you through the nu-metal erotic underworld world that I have been hanging out in for the last few months, and to pass on some magical life wisdom I have gained by pretending to be a Goth Britney spears. Cage dancing is...

Fancy Feast!

A set of 9 photos and 3 GIFs based on the idea of a kitsch queen having a totally colorful, lavish feast. We were inspired by all things tacky, campy, and gross, and think that the images would fit perfectly with Polyester’s aesthetic that we both adore. Iris took the photos, I collaged ’em and...


Zita is an artist from Budapest: “I have a kitschy brand called Mermaid Tea Party. I created this video and the music was by Uffalo Steez and myself,” she explains. Video by Zita Nagy

Beyond The Curve

Two significant events happened in my life in 2017. I turned 30 and I got married. Before the wedding I noticed I was curvier than usual. I have decided to try something I never had the patience for: slowly, gradually changing my lifestyle. I promised myself I won’t be impatient, I won’t force myself to...


Devoted to Venus, an aggregate image of timeless beauty which inspired a lot of artists (Botticelli, Pudica, sleeping Venus, the Dreamers, Venus in furs, etc.) Photography: Alisa Calypso, Model: Nica (View management), Stylist: Virginia Bruni, HMUA: Andrea Trenado Clothing: SOL DELA VILLA , Pale Swimwear , CELIAVALVERDE , HERIDADEGATO , Max Mara Accessories: LES FILLES EN FLEURS 

On Subjectivity & What We Call Bipolar

There is no contesting the very real ways that Moods have molded me. Mania has marked my life with heightened creativity, incredible sensitivity, and boundless energy; the madness that follows has brought broken hearts, financial worries, totaled cars, and disordered eating. It has, oh so often, been the gates to depression which pulls me out...

Hermaphroditus & Salmacis

The origins of the word androgynous can be traced back to a myth in Aristophanes speech in Plato’s Symposium; that people used to be spherical creatures, with two bodies attached back to back. There were three sexes: male people were from the sun, female people from the earth, and androgynous people who came from the...

Double Folly

Double Folly is a series by Barcelona based photographer Alba Yruela, focusing on fabrics and colors. The models are twins, hence the referential title. Photographer: Alba Yruela, Stylist: Ahida Agirre, Art Direction: Maria Pratts, Models: Blanca F & Laura F, Make up: Ana Cano


This is a series based on my own experiences that depict the different shades of depression; both the ups and the downs. Illustrations: Beth Richardson

3 Dates Too Many

The perils of online dating, as explored by our favourite misandrist Ona Greenberg. There’s so many ways that dates can go wrong, and it’s always down to the guy – trust me. Comic: Ona Greenberg

The Artist Is For Sale

The work is mainly sculptural in nature, the attached link has some images I took of me modeling the pieces. The collection is called “The Artist is For Sale”, and the sculptures are all replica body parts turned accessories. I know the weight that body image and traditionally m/f parts carry for a lot of...

Un Jour Dans L’annee

Un Jour Dans L’annee tells the story of an estranged couple who are doomed to resuscitate their dead relationship every year on one special day – Valentines Day. Tension and resentment build until, resulting in a showdown until one of them gives in. Until next year. A film by Jodie Deakin Director: Jodie Deakin, Co-Director: Jay...