Fangirls are Cyborgs

If you’re not a fan, have never been a fan and would rather drink a glass of spit than be called a fangirl in public – this isn’t for you. Please see yourself out.

Polyester ❤’s Robyn Nichol

The 19 year-old feminist fine artist, Robyn Nichol from West Yorkshire caught our attention with her beautiful and raw artwork all on display on her Dropr website. As an artist, Robyn strives to use different mediums from sewing and embellishment to painting and photography, with each piece projecting a relatable message. Robyn says her drive...

Selfies: Strike a Pose and Ditch the Patriarchy

Everybody nowadays seems to have their own opinion regarding selfies; from being a narcissistic damaging action to women’s empowerment, to a harmless trend and part of the cyber antics that have come to represent our generation in popular culture.

“Feminism is a basic concept. I think it’s rad.”- Polyester Chats to Molly Soda

We talk with Molly Soda about feminism, using your bedroom as a workplace and tween dreams