Not Yours

Not Yours is an interpretation of femininity and the unattainable ideals imposed upon women. Using the untraditional medium of 3D, my images aim to scrutinise the role of the internet and its desire to be aesthetically perfect. Through whimsical colour and texture, Bambi moulds glamorous dreamscapes and scenarios. 3D art: Bambi Kirschner

Cage Dancing 101: How To Wake Up Your Inner Vixen Without Flashing Anyone

Cage dancing, a pretty unheard of concept in everyday life, but I am here to guide you through the nu-metal erotic underworld world that I have been hanging out in for the last few months, and to pass on some magical life wisdom I have gained by pretending to be a Goth Britney spears. Cage dancing is...


Devoted to Venus, an aggregate image of timeless beauty which inspired a lot of artists (Botticelli, Pudica, sleeping Venus, the Dreamers, Venus in furs, etc.) Photography: Alisa Calypso, Model: Nica (View management), Stylist: Virginia Bruni, HMUA: Andrea Trenado Clothing: SOL DELA VILLA , Pale Swimwear , CELIAVALVERDE , HERIDADEGATO , Max Mara Accessories: LES FILLES EN FLEURS 

Distorting Femme

A fashion editorial series created by Eliza Ahmet, documenting femme identity struggles as we strive for perfection. Celebrating real bodies and showcasing raw, artistic beauty. The images challenge stereotypical beauty confinements to embark on the freedom of expression. A combination of texture with art and makeup, the beauty in distortion is explored unapologetically. The techniques of portraiture artists Jenny Saville and Egon Schiele...

Pink Holes And Dreams

Pink Holes And Dreams is a collaborative art project by elizabeth herring and maansi jain, following a series of instructions and affirmations to guide you through womanhood. a collaboration between artists: maansi jain and elizabeth herring

Blisters And Nails

‘Blisters and Nails’ compares and examines the preposterous ideals of the reality and the fantasy. It attempts to question both the real and unreal, creating an imbalance of ideas as well as ridiculing both fantasy and reality. The use of my own body as the subject highlights the private processes we put ourselves through as...

Pastels & Poetry

 ‘Pastels & Poetry’ is an ongoing poetry & photo project by published writer, Raychel Reimer. Reimer visually showcases her poetry works in uniquely assembled frames to catch the reader’s eye. The purpose of the bold colour use in Reimer’s project is to not shy away from her own personal femininity, and to deconstruct the idea...