Future Feelings

These images were commissioned for a magazine that then turned them down because “models were ugly, and not agency models” and “the pictures look cheap and “raritas” that, means “weirdos”. But the pictures weren’t meant to be about agency shots, they are about friendship: About how future relationships evolve, no genders, no “formal” things, no jealousy...


I undertook a photographic project with my grandmother (who I live with)  and together we explored ideas of the performed self whilst drawing comparison between us as grandmother and granddaughter. Doing this project was a way to empower and give confidence to each other both as women and within our relationship. Images: Florence Hutchings

Life In Plastic!

Inspired by the artist Will Cotton and his candy filled fantasies, we wanted to take a pastel colored imaginary world and reinterpret it in plastic.  Our goal was to create a whole plasticised world that hearkens back to a Barbie dream house. When we were shooting, we tried to take all the ridiculous feminised and...


Using found objects, clothing, and makeup, I transform my own body into anyone I want and my empty home into an audience. It can be hard to find examples of women using makeup and fashion to take control of their image in a way that isn’t meant to be attractive and I seek to fill...

Fela Kutis Queens

This is a celebration of African Beauty, Nigerian Beauty; This is a recreation of Fela Kutis Dancers/Wives.   Styling/Makeup/Photography: Oma Benjamin Photo Assistant: Olivia Ema Models: Vanessa Ohenlen, Chizii, Charisse Chikwiri, Yasmina Atta, Fave Jay, Kemah Bob