Our pink haired heroine explains why she doesn’t follow trends… or does she? Comic: Yaga Sara                            


In the first of a new monthly comic series by Yaga Sara, our pink haired heroine tries her best to find ways of avoiding thoughtless consumerism while shopping for clothes. Cartoon: Yaga Sara

Nothing Sweeter

Nothing tastes better than putting down sexist men, as shown in Ona Greenberg’s monthly comic. Exploring the sweeter side of life shouldn’t be accompanied by any bitter remarks. Comic: Ona Greenberg  

Beach Hair

C’mon ladies, this is how to rock those sea salted, beachy waves that have been everywhere this summer! The men love this beach hair look, and why wouldn’t they? Your hair looks soooo good when it’s long. Image: Ona Greenberg

Too Hot To Holler

Setting fire to cat callers is fully endorsed and encouraged by Ona Greenberg. Try it on your local misogynist today! Comic: Ona Greenberg  

Safe Sex With HIV

Jenna Houston isn’t afraid to tackle any issue and in this installment of her monthly comic, she focuses specifically on safe sex for those with HIV or possible interaction with HIV. This topic was taboo for years and the only way past that is open and honest communication, both in and out of sex. Comic:...

Shakey Business

A witty look at millenial environmentalism comes in the form of Ona Greenberg’s monthly comic, Shakey Business. Comic: Ona Greenberg

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

The start of a new monthly comic column by Ona Greenberg that delves into the dark side of fantasy, fun and existing as a woman today.

Ugh, Boys! Part Five

[cycloneslider id=”ugh-boys-part-five”] A new instalment of our comic exploring all the creepy way guys hit on girls by Miu Hatano. Keep up with the series here.