In the first of a new monthly comic series by Yaga Sara, our pink haired heroine tries her best to find ways of avoiding thoughtless consumerism while shopping for clothes. Cartoon: Yaga Sara


A collaboration between Eva Zar and Shop Holographic Fantasy, SculptHER is a collection created to represent the antithesis of current global positions on fashion. Each garment is made of raw silk that has been naturally dyed with turmeric, berries or coffee. The clothes are hand stitched and intended to show wear over time – allowing...

The Vital Importance Of Dressing How You Feel

There’s something absolutely liberating in the anonymity of large cities. They let you be whoever you want to be. When I first moved to London four years ago from a small town in Australia, I was in awe of its too-loud, too-cold, too-bold attitude. This manifested most obviously through fashion; a visual ‘fuck you’ to...

Don’t Dull Your Sparkle For Anyone

It seems that Sideara St. Claire does pretty much everything that an LA based cool-girl can do. As well as acting & singing, St. Claire owns her own clothing brand called NIN3; styling & shooting her clothing on a band of internet-famous friends for the blog.   Here she styled & shot an exclusive for Polyester: Don’t...


💚 Enter the void with Lucinda Bunny Barker & Jade Clark. 💚 Photography by Lucinda Bunny Barker.  Clothing courtesy of Jade Clark, available on ASOS Marketplace and Depop. Set by Josie Dove. Makeup by Hannah Twigg. Styling by Sophie Wickington.