A Call For Diversity

All photos are self-portraits. I do the whole process by myself. The production, styling, makeup, set up of the space (usually my room), composition, and everything else. I get to learn from different fields and it lets me have more control over what I’m looking for. And then I ask my husband to press the...

The Vital Importance Of Dressing How You Feel

There’s something absolutely liberating in the anonymity of large cities. They let you be whoever you want to be. When I first moved to London four years ago from a small town in Australia, I was in awe of its too-loud, too-cold, too-bold attitude. This manifested most obviously through fashion; a visual ‘fuck you’ to...

A Sunny Afternoon With Isabel Hendrix

  🌸 Body-posi model Isabel Hendrix & photographer Hana Haley hang out for an afternoon in sun soaked LA. 🌸 Photography by Hana Haley.

The Ocean, Democracy & Babely Powers

Let’s get one thing straight: every body is a beach body. There. It’s settled. And yes, although I prescribe to this belief devoutly, I am admittedly still in the process of unlearning years upon years of the stifling, oppressing, and simply boring beachwear regulations thrust upon men and women alike. It is undeniable, though, that...

Why we Need to Celebrate the Athletic Body

I recently read an interview with FKA twigs in which she highlighted an issue that I’ve never heard discussed before. An issue that has dictated the way I’ve viewed myself since the incredibly young age of eight. Now, at nearly twenty, I’ve finally heard the words I’ve been waiting to hear.