The Normal Day

“The story showcases what a suppressed woman endures and encapsulates an appetite for an ideal body image; an idea which the media has portrayed time and time again. To highlight the beauty of size diversity, I am using a plus size model for this editorial and placing her in an undesirable setting. Bring forth the...

A Call For Diversity

All photos are self-portraits. I do the whole process by myself. The production, styling, makeup, set up of the space (usually my room), composition, and everything else. I get to learn from different fields and it lets me have more control over what I’m looking for. And then I ask my husband to press the...


Devoted to Venus, an aggregate image of timeless beauty which inspired a lot of artists (Botticelli, Pudica, sleeping Venus, the Dreamers, Venus in furs, etc.) Photography: Alisa Calypso, Model: Nica (View management), Stylist: Virginia Bruni, HMUA: Andrea Trenado Clothing: SOL DELA VILLA , Pale Swimwear , CELIAVALVERDE , HERIDADEGATO , Max Mara Accessories: LES FILLES EN FLEURS 

The Cracks In Your Foundation

The course of true foundation love never did run smooth. There are too many independent variables, too wide a variety of problems, too much potential for disaster. And it’s not like dodgy eyeshadow or mascara, which you can generally MacGyver into some semblance of a “look” – bad base looks like bad base. It can...


A collaboration between photographer duo Sally & Emily and make up artist Sissy Sosro: As much as we like to think that we are pretty low maintenance ladies, most women will find themselves with more products than they thought they needed, with more uses than they thought they had. I still stand by coconut oil,...

Moody Blue

💙 Michèle Côté beauty editorial for those days that have you feeling blue. The days might be getting shorter & colder but there’s no excuse for the autumnal weather to get to you! 💙 Photography: Michèle Côté. Beauty: Alper Sisters using Milk Makeup, Pat McGrath Skin Lab, Nars, Urban Decay & Mac. Model: Teodoro.

Generation Fleek

[cycloneslider id=”2462″] Photography by Danni Jeziorska, Styling by Jilian Banjoko, makeup by Amber Mariel Sansom-English Photography assistant, Brydn webb. Stylist assistant, Ezgi Ergesi. Model, Oleta Stewart. Featuring: Marta Cesaro, Alighieri Jewels, Wilson Pk, Rachel Entwistle jewellery, Jesika July, ZDDZ, Lesley De Frettas.