Our pink haired heroine explains why she doesn’t follow trends… or does she? Comic: Yaga Sara                            

Sunday Best

Me and Emily Jones got together to shoot something humorous, we had the idea to transform the images into collages, to juxtapose the female dress up styling with highly masculinized homoerotic fetish art, the collages created by Ruby Ramelize are an expression of queerness and sexuality. Photography: Heather Glazzard, Styling: Emily Jones, Collaging: Ruby Ramelize, Clothes by:...

3D Me

I am the kind of creative that likes to dip her feet into every medium. My first love was photography, but my second and more fervent love is 3D modeling & rendering. I didn’t want to spread myself too thin so I decided to put my photography in the back seat and focus on my...

Clothes Horse

I used to be a total clothes horse. Throughout high school, if a day came when I had nothing new to wear, I’d throw something together, or staple something together, or safety pin it. Upholstery fabric was easy to wrap into a sari. Retro polo shirts became skirts. Anything ­– a boy scout uniform, a nurse’s...


In the first of a new monthly comic series by Yaga Sara, our pink haired heroine tries her best to find ways of avoiding thoughtless consumerism while shopping for clothes. Cartoon: Yaga Sara

It Costs To Be Austere

This editorial is a sartorial celebration of punk and female power. It explores themes of punk and subversion in a modern context and asks what austerity and severity entails today. At its center we see model Sarah Parsons assuming a dominant and mystical role – inspired by the character Mad in Derek Jarman’s 1978 punk...


Zita is an artist from Budapest: “I have a kitschy brand called Mermaid Tea Party. I created this video and the music was by Uffalo Steez and myself,” she explains. Video by Zita Nagy

Women In Menswear: Michiko Koshino

Michiko Koshino has been a veteran of the menswear industry since moving to the UK in the 1980s. Along with the new wave of Japanese designers that have forever changed the London fashion scene, Michiko has offered up a new vision for menswear — one that is characterised by experimental silhouettes and a unique streetwear...


Devoted to Venus, an aggregate image of timeless beauty which inspired a lot of artists (Botticelli, Pudica, sleeping Venus, the Dreamers, Venus in furs, etc.) Photography: Alisa Calypso, Model: Nica (View management), Stylist: Virginia Bruni, HMUA: Andrea Trenado Clothing: SOL DELA VILLA , Pale Swimwear , CELIAVALVERDE , HERIDADEGATO , Max Mara Accessories: LES FILLES EN FLEURS 


This is a series based on my own experiences that depict the different shades of depression; both the ups and the downs. Illustrations: Beth Richardson

Un Jour Dans L’annee

Un Jour Dans L’annee tells the story of an estranged couple who are doomed to resuscitate their dead relationship every year on one special day – Valentines Day. Tension and resentment build until, resulting in a showdown until one of them gives in. Until next year. A film by Jodie Deakin Director: Jodie Deakin, Co-Director: Jay...

I’m In A Serious Relationship With My Food

I’m in a Serious Relationship with My Food is a series that highlights the basic necessity and the infinite complexities relating to the human being’s profound connection to food.  With an unsettling air, these photos capture excess, insanity, privilege and options.  I wanted to make the scenes overwhelming, intimate and perverted, forcing the viewer into...