My Therapist Gave Me an Assignment: Write About Your Ex

01 Dumped at Union SquareBreakups are really hard. Like REALLY hard. Mine, (at times I’m scared to say) caused me to re-enter therapy.

Therapy– especially for people like me, is a super good thing, but why I decided to re-join the psychiatry game makes me feel a bit embarrassed. I’ve been seeing my therapist every other week for three months now, and I finally feel like I’m making the long awaited “progress” that we all hear of. It’s been three months in and my therapist finally gave me an assignment: Write about your ex and your relationship.

Easy right? No. Knowing that I didn’t want to go full on Chris Kraus about our relationship by trying to obsessively relive and rehash our good and bad times, I decided to meme my way through the pain and create illustrations uncovering my heartbreak. Every week, you’ll see a new meme and accompanying that meme will be a diary entry reflecting all my feelings. My ups, downs, and all arounds. I’ll discuss therapy (of course), anxiety, heartbreak, single living, longing, and everything else. All aboard the heartbreak hotel.

Words and illustration by Megan Tatum

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