Let’s Get Dizzy

In the world of self publishing, it serves us rightly to promote and praise other publications that we adore. The kind of magazines that got us into this in the first place. The kind of magazines we gush over with our friends. The magazines made by our friends. Enter: Dizzy Mag, issue one available now in select stores across the States and online internationally.

Seeking to disrupt the self importance and superiority of many art journals, Dizzy Mag is here to promote understanding and community spirit. With contributers like Ellen Berkenblit, Jessica Butler, Livia Charman, Raque Ford, Princess Nokia and Reika Soleimanpour, the sense of friendship is impossible to miss. In fact, it’s part of what makes this publication so great.

With inclusion at its forefront – be that age, mediums of art, race or gender (or any mix of intersectional identities) – Dizzy avoids feeling forced and instead feels like home. The style page, curated with iPhone photos by stylist Haley Wollens, could just as easily be used for scrap booking to wall decoration just as much as it is an on trend look at current fashions.

For $15 (roughly £11.50, if the exchange rate doesn’t mess us around any more) this 50 page magazine will find a happy home in your hands, on the bus, in your bag and in the very neat pile of zines on your overflowing desk. Support artists of all backgrounds with the opening issue and the many more to follow.

Images: Courtesy of Milah Libin, Dizzy Cover Ellen Berkenblit, Griffe, 2016; Words: Gina Tonic

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